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As the technology startup culture grows, so do consumer expectations for high-quality products that deliver a great user experience, exceptional design, and longevity. The need for experts across all areas involving products—from technology, to design, to data analysis—is higher than ever. This is where the product manager and product marketing manager come in.

The interactive Tech Product Management and Product Marketing Management Workshop provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to take on these roles in internships and full-time jobs, particularly within the tech industry. Participants work with and learn from seasoned product managers and product marketing managers from Amazon, Facebook, and Google and more. They will learn about the career paths available to product managers, how the role differs across companies, and what success in these roles looks like regardless of industry.

Upcoming Events

This workshop takes place annually during the Fall Quarter. Check back during the fall for updates. 

Past Speakers

The 2020 Tech Product Management and Product Marketing Management Workshop was hosted by the Booth Technology Group and sponsored by the Kilts Center for Marketing to prepare students for product management and product marketing management case interviews--both for internships and full-time roles. During the event, Career Services moderated a panel revolving around what it is like working as a Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager. Attendees split into 12 breakout sessions to talk through cases ranging from product design to pricing strategy to success measurement metrics.

Satyajeet Salgar Video

A Foundation for Making Tough Decisions

Satyajeet Salgar, ’07, talks about how his Booth MBA gave him a foundation he can return to when he needs to make tough decisions as a product manager at Google.

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