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Marketing should be about more than corporate profitability. As more companies adapt their goals to include a social mission and social identity, marketers will be expected to lead socially aligned marketing campaigns and branding efforts. Navigating the opportunities and challenges associated with sustainable marketing under these new expectations will require new tools and frameworks. Marketers will also need to rethink traditional metrics such as the return on marketing investment to balance monetary and non-monetary returns.

The Kilts Center’s new Marketing for Good series explores how marketers and general managers can use their talents in ways that catalyze positive change. This series will incorporate a wide array of themes related to sustainable marketing practice and marketing for good.

Upcoming Events  

Marketing for Good events happen once a quarter during the academic year. Check back quarterly for updates on upcoming events.

Past Events

Marketing for Good: How global brands approach sustainability

The Kilts Center for Marketing, in partnership with the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation, presents the third event in the Marketing for Good series. This event focuses on how global brands approach environmental and social sustainability with Virginie Helias, Chief Sustainability Officer, Procter & Gamble, and Rafael Oliveira, '04, President, International, Kraft Heinz. Marketing for Good examines how marketers and general managers can use their talents to catalyze positive change.


Marketing for Good: Artificial Intelligence and Targeted Marketing

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and targeted marketing is becoming more common across organizations and industries. This event, in collaboration with Chicago Booth Review and the Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence, will explore the benefits, challenges, and considerations when implementing AI in marketing.

Panelists will discuss benefits aimed to the consumer and/or the firm as well as society at large, and how marketers and general managers can use AI to make a positive impact on society. They will also dissect the ethical considerations and the challenges associated with AI in marketing that marketers and general managers should be aware of.


Marketing for Good: how do Companies respond to the BLM Movement?

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has prompted companies worldwide to respond with statements, marketing campaigns, donations, and more. Even before the resurgence of this movement, organizations were already under pressure to take a stand on social, race-related issues. Marketers play an instrumental role in these efforts. In collaboration with Chicago Booth Review, this session will explore when and why companies have responded to the BLM movement and the corresponding role of marketing.


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