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Chicago Booth Soccer Club

The Chicago Booth Soccer Club represents an opportunity for players of all skill levels and backgrounds to enjoy the game of soccer in a friendly yet competitive environment. Our mission is to promote bonding and networking among Booth students of various backgrounds, and to provide competitive sport in a fun and friendly environment, as well as relief from the stresses of business school.

Meetings include biweekly practices (usually Tuesday and Thursday), international soccer tournaments, weekend matches with local teams, and during the winter months, indoor soccer matches and practices.

Practices are an opportunity for anyone to come out and kick a ball around and usually consist of full- or short-field pick-up games. Practices are a great opportunity to network with other Booth students outside of the classroom, and to exercise and to relieve stress.

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AJ Guff
Brian Davidoff
Eyal Sharfertz
Michelle Kim
Mike Stroup
Paul Moreau
Ugo Mouchel