Full-Time MBA

Analytic Finance (STEM Eligible)

The Analytic Finance concentration allows you to gain a deeper and more precise knowledge of financial theories, their application to a variety of business problems, and the empirical work by which we learn how the financial world works. Chicago Booth offers the largest number of advanced finance classes of any business school, and the analytic finance concentration gives recognition to students who pursue this specialization.

At Chicago Booth, you'll learn to do cutting-edge analysis as practiced in hedge funds, investment banks, risk management, and more. How do you evaluate a hedge-fund manager? How should an airline hedge its exposure to jet fuel costs? How is the value of a structured mortgage product affected if interest rates rise 1%? What is the evidence that the "carry trade" in international markets works? You will learn the quantitative tools needed to sift through complex financial data and analysis to create innovative solutions to real financial issues.

Additionally, the Analytic Finance concentration is designated STEM-eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT) purposes. International graduates on F-1 student visas who earn these concentrations may be eligible to apply for an additional 24 months of training through work experience.
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