Tell us about the Consulting Club and what you’re currently working on.

Stuart: The Consulting Club’s mission is to connect students with consulting firms and prepare them for interviews. Firms are telling us they will be hiring so we are moving forward with all of our programming. In the past two months alone, we’ve had seven workshops online and many more are planned. Our recent events have included topics like firm research, networking, and case prep. We’re currently planning Symposium, our largest annual event, and figuring out how to do that online, to keep it as engaging as possible. 

Neha: There’s been tremendous support from Booth, especially all of our Student Life coaches, offering help with planning and transferring everything online. Consulting firms have been very interested as well. They have proactively reached out to us and have been curious to see how we’re transitioning events online. 

How has the virtual transition been?

Neha: By leveraging an online format, especially for Symposium, we can increase the exposure that students have to consultants. We are trying to figure out if we can use this online format to our advantage… when we used to do networking events, you couldn’t be in two places at one time. You would have to choose between firms, but now we can split up those two physical events into two online events. Students can be exposed to and meet more people than they otherwise would have. 

Stuart: We’ve had people reach out to us to say “hey, I’m at this stage, I’d like to work with someone at a similar stage” and then we will go ahead and connect students to each other.

Neha: I’m finding some silver linings right now. I was recently at a lunch and learn that the Banking Club organized. I looked at the participant list because I wanted to see who else was attending and saw a few students who are also part of the Consulting Club. I just got really curious because recruiting for consulting and for banking are both very intense commitments. I reached out to both of them on Slack saying, “If we were at Booth in person, I would have made a point to talk to you outside right after the session, but now that we can’t do that, I wanted to reach out to you here.” We ended up jumping on a call for 30 minutes and had a good discussion. I am making additional connections. You need to put in a little extra effort and look to see who’s available, who’s in class and then reach out to people, but this time has given me an opportunity to connect with classmates I might not have before.