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Calvin Truong

What interested you in the Booth Scholars Program?

I received an email from Chicago Booth Admissions inviting me to an information session about the program. I was instantly sold on the merits of the program. I recall one of the Booth Scholar alumni talking about how he was able to take more chances in his post-graduation career because he felt he had the safety net of the Booth Scholars program in his back pocket, and I knew I wanted that professional freedom as well.

What was your application process like?

My preparation for the GMAT probably ate up the most time and effort, but it wasn't any different from preparing for the SAT, and the interview was comparable to any challenging job interview. If anything, I found the application process extremely beneficial from a personal standpoint. It helped me clarify my post-undergrad vision and goals.

How did Booth Scholars help prepare for a Booth MBA?

Applying for Booth Scholars means you get through the entire MBA application process early—arguably when you have the most spare time (i.e., during your last year at the College, well before work gets in the way). While most of my MBA-level peers were applying for business school, I was able to focus on performing well at my job, and planning ahead for my MBA journey by looking into potential classes, professors, and extracurricular activities. The sheer time that I was given back was probably the most helpful.