1. The best advice I can give to any applicant is to be very clear as to why you want a Booth MBA. If you are at point A, and Booth is point B, how are you going to use Booth to help you get to point C? - Obi Mbanefo, '19
  2. Don’t be afraid to take some risks and lead with who you are. Expect that Booth will appreciate that about you and will find a place for you here. - Maria Del Toro, '19
  3. I think Booth really looks at your application very holistically. So, make sure that you put equal effort throughout the whole application. Everyone here has a very unique story and make sure that yours can be seen on every page. - Erica Watkins Ryan, '18
  4. Don't try to portray yourself by who you perceive is the standard Booth student. There is no such thing. Focus on being authentic. Booth students are interesting people with different experiences and points of view. - Taylor Carson, '18
  5. Take a look at the website and look at the values that Booth really embodies. If you understand those values they will really shine through in your application, and it will confirm that this is the right place for you. - Cameron Gould-Saltman, '19
  6. Do not give up on the GMAT. I took it several times and it didn't come naturally to me. You do get there eventually so don't give up, even if sometimes you feel like you're not making a lot of progress. - Charlotte Guy, '18
  7. I think going through the website for online research is very important, but make sure that you reach out to students and alumni as much as possible. Talk to them about the classes they’re taking, and the clubs they’re in. - Praneeta Pujari, '19
  8. Realize that the important thing is to bring out what makes you YOU, instead of being concerned with what the school is looking for. - Sarah Tillison, '18
  9. If you can, definitely come visit campus. I did a lot of research online ahead of time, but coming to campus, going to a class, and having conversations with students really brought the culture and the school to life in a different way. - Lindsay Mullen, '19

We hope that you enjoy the remainder of your application process. Continue to dig deep into your passions and reasons for wanting an MBA, and reflect on why Booth is the place you want to be. We look forward to learning more about you.

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Admission Advice and Application Tips for Prospective Students

We’re glad your search for an MBA program led you to Chicago Booth. To help in your application process, here are some useful tips and words of advice geared towards helping you successfully submit your MBA application. The Admissions Team wishes you the best of luck as you work on your MBA application and take the next step in your business school journey.

Admission Advice and Application Tips for Prospective Students