What Happens To Your Application After You Hit Submit?

hit submit

You have spent hours, days, maybe weeks crafting your application to Chicago Booth. You’ve taken the required standardized tests, asked the perfect people for recommendations, and thought deeply about what has influenced the choices in your life. You finally reach the end, press submit and then… actually, what does happen next?

We get it—the admissions process can be a mystery, and the wait can be nerve-wracking. So, here’s a little insight into what happens after you press submit.

Once the deadline for the round has passed, we make sure your application is complete. There is no point reviewing your application if we are missing a recommendation or test score. Our admissions managers comb through your application to determine all components are present and legible for the Admissions Committee. If something is missing, we’ll reach out, and usually everything is finalized within a day or two.

Then, your application goes to its first set of eyes on the Admissions Committee. This admissions officer reads your application in its entirety. Background information, resume, academics, recommendations, responses to our questions, etc. This is repeated multiple times with different officers before it is decided whether to extend you an interview invitation.

Those who receive an interview invite will have two to three weeks to either interview on campus with a current second-year student, or with one of our alumni in your area. The interview is meant to get to know you better. Tell us more about your goals and aspirations. What makes you tick? Why get an MBA? Why Booth?

Next, your application goes to different members of the Admissions Committee. Again, they will do a full read of your application with the new addition of your interview report provided by the alum or student.

At this point, we are really looking for the best fit for the Booth community. The committee members make a final recommendation of Admit, Waitlist, or Deny before sending your application to the Executive Director of Admissions. With the guidance of the deans, the Executive Director will then review all of the recommendations to shape the final class.

While all that is going on, we hope that you take some well-deserved time to rest. And keep checking in with Booth for our latest student stories and faculty news.

Best of luck!

 Full-Time Admissions