Things You Might Not Know About the Booth Community


EW Student Life Event 

Are you interested in a Chicago Booth part-time Evening or Weekend MBA and want to learn more about the student community? I’d like to share a few things that you might not know about student life.

There really is something for everyone.
With 45 student groups hosting over 350 events annually there truly is something for everyone. From consulting to marketing, and running to wine there will be a group of like-minded students waiting for you at Chicago Booth. Another thing to note - these 45 groups are focused on Evening and Weekend students, and as a result, the majority of their events are in the evenings and on Saturdays. Besides student clubs, you have numerous staff creating programs that build community, enhance leadership skills, and provide opportunities to interact with Booth alumni. And thinking beyond student groups, students can get involved with non-profit boards, compete in case competitions, or attend lectures across the University of Chicago campus.

Faculty like to hang out after class.
Believe it or not, Booth faculty are extremely accessible. In addition to meeting with students before or after class as needed, they also host social events through Booth’s Faculty Connect program. We host over seventy-five Faculty Connect events annually right at Gleacher Center to make it easy for students to join.

Booth students are cool.
…and friendly, collaborative, intelligent – I could go on and on. Our students have unique backgrounds – each bringing something different to the classroom and the community. They’re also welcoming – always willing to discuss their latest lecture or weekend plans. And I’m always amazed by how supportive they are of each other – they truly bring our pay it forward culture to life. Which leads me to my next point…

Students spend a lot of time together outside the classroom.
Being able to see students meet for the first time at LAUNCH (our orientation program) and then celebrate life’s milestones together – births, marriages, graduations – is amazing. Students spend a lot of time working on group projects, commuting to campus on the airport shuttle, and networking in the Midway Club. If you’re looking for a new social circle, look no further.

There is nothing part-time about this experience.
This line was borrowed from a recent graduate. As he was reflecting on his MBA – the curriculum, the community – in addition to his work and personal commitments – he said there is nothing part-time about this experience. In fact, recent graduates don’t always know what to do with all their free time after graduation. I’ve also heard time and time again that the program flies by.

So, what are you waiting for?

 Michaela O'Halloran
Micaela O'Halloran is Associate Director of Student Life for
the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth.