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125th Anniversary Challenge Sponsor Committee

More than 25 leaders have each given $125,000 in celebration of Chicago Booth's milestone. Their commitments match all 2023 gifts of $2,500 and more—and inspired participation from more than 1,250 donors on Giving Day 2023.

Roger Blume, ’67
Michelle Liem, ’89
L. Dick Buell, ’78
Michael Lockhart, ’75
Wei Cai, MBA ’95, AM ’95
Robert C. McCormack, ’68
Dave Liguang Chenn, ’00
Lonnie Moulder, ’97 and Sharon Moulder
Nobuyoshi John Ehara, ’78
Sumit Roy, ’01 and Renata Roy
Lawrence and Barbara Field
Jennifer Scanlon, ’92 and Peter Scanlon
JP Gan, ’99 Thomas W. Sidlik, ’73
Eric Gleacher, ’67
Ellen Subramaniam, ’97 and Ram Subramaniam, ’97
Sally Grimes, ’97
Agus Tandiono, ’95
Bill Jackson, ’88
Christina Van Houten, ’96
Abhinav Jhunjhunwala, ’14
Jack, ’63 and Susy Wadsworth
Kathleen Keenoy, ’17 and Michael Yurkerwich
Jill Wyant, ’02 and Patrick Wyant
Victor Khosla, ’83 and Gail Khosla
Steve Wymer, ’89
Mark Leavitt, ’83 Dennis Zhu, ’93
125th Anniversary Giving Challenges

The 125th Anniversary Challenge matches all gifts of $2,500 and more to the Annual Fund in 2023.

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Your gift supports our mission of creating knowledge with enduring impact and influencing and educating current and future leaders.

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