Full-Time MBA

Booth Technology Group

The Booth Technology Group (BoothTech) brings together students who are interested in learning more about pursuing a career in the technology industry. Our members accept internships and full-time positions in various roles - marketing, finance, product management, business development, and general management - at both well-established and emerging tech firms. Our group also serves the needs of students interested in pursuing careers in consulting, marketing, or banking, as well as those who want to build a strong understanding of the tech landscape and tech's various applications. The group's overall goal is to position Chicago Booth as a hub for talent that can drive innovation in the ever-changing tech industry. We accomplish this by providing educational, recruiting, and networking resources to our membership.



Alon Shiran
Ruth Chew
Michael Wallace
Renan Feldman
Hamid Dalgligli
Marta Valer
Aditya Shah