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Dan is a Principal Researcher working with Alex Todorov. Prior to Booth, he received his MS in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Psychology. Dan graduated from The Pennsylvania State University’s Social Psychology program where he worked with Reginald Adams examining the influence of compound social cues on person perception.


Dan's two primary lines of research merge person perception and vision. First, he examines how social cues inform both emotion perception and impression formation (i.e., social vision), with a particular focus on how individuals extract information from an ostensibly “neutral” or minimally expressive face. Second, he uses innovative quantitative methods, computer vision, and machine learning techniques to help elucidate questions that are either beyond the capabilities of the human visual system or are too complex or invasive to test in the laboratory. Dan leverages state-of-the-art machine learning, computer vision, and quantitative methodology (e.g., statistical modeling, psychophysiology) to help answer social-visual questions in new and exciting ways.