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As one of the top business schools in the world, Chicago Booth strongly believes in preparing leaders who will bring diverse viewpoints to the workplace.

The conviction that diversity enhances learning is a fundamental tenet of the Chicago Booth MBA. We are strongly committed to fostering an environment where different perspectives are encouraged and embraced.

Did you know...

  • Chicago Booth was the first university to grant a PhD in business to a woman, Ursula Batchelder Stone (1929)
  • Chicago Booth was the first to establish an underrepresented students of color program (1964)
  • Chicago Booth awarded its first MBA to an African American, Lionel Wallace (1942)
  • Chicago Booth students founded the National Black MBA Association (1970)


We have a number of student-led groups that focus on diversity and cultural awareness. Below are just a few:

  • African American MBA Association - The part-time joint AAMBAA group provides students with a platform for networking with peers and alumni, building community at Chicago Booth, providing information for diversity recruiting, and reaching out to the wider community through service projects.
  • Booth Pride Group - Booth Pride Group's mission is to foster growth in the LGBTQ Chicago Booth community by providing learning and career opportunities.
  • Graduate Women in Business - Graduate Women in Business is a nonprofit student association organized to provide women of the Chicago Booth community with a forum for professional development and for mentoring and networking, both within the school, and in the community at large. Visit the group's webpage.
  • Partners' Club - The Chicago Booth Partners’ Club's mission is to provide a social network for the significant others of Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students and alumni. Activities throughout the year offer wives, husbands, and partners a range of opportunities to get involved in the Chicago Booth community.


Interested in experiencing diversity at Booth firsthand? Then join us for a Diversity Dinner, attend a Booth Women Connect event, or learn about diverse cultural backgrounds through other Booth groups and special events. For more information and to register, please visit our Diversity Events page. 


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