Weekend MBA

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Office for Part-time MBA Programs at Chicago Booth is designed to complement Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students' demanding work and academic schedules. Located in the Gleacher Center, the office accommodates the needs of students with flexible hours and easy access. Taught by experts in the leadership development field and professional business consultants, the curriculum builds self-awareness while offering practical tools and experiences that students can apply in the classroom and at work.

Chicago Booth's Leadership Development Office offers a variety of leadership growth opportunities throughout your Booth career. From LAUNCH, the three-day orientation program, through graduation and beyond, leadership development is the thread that follows each Booth student and is offered in and out of the classroom.

Leadership Development with Chicago Booth
Leadership Exploration and
Development (LEAD)
Courses on Leadership
Leadership Development
  • Held during first quarter
  • Designed to enhance students’ self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Establishes benchmarks concerning critical aspects of leadership
  • Feedback and insights enable students to complete personalized leadership development plan
  • Leadership perspectives are woven into Booth curriculum
  • Booth faculty incorporate practical applications into their courses
  • Course examples
  • The Practice of Leadership in Business
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Power and Influence in Organizations
  • Various electives and workshops offered by Leadership Development Office
  • Enhancing Your Leadership Presence Part II
  • Critical Conversations
  • Booth Women Advance
  • Leadership in Practice