Taking Courses at Booth

Undergraduate Student Registration

MBA-Level Courses and Business Economics Courses

Booth offers a selection of College-level courses as part of the Economics Department’s specialization in Business Economics. See the Booth Business Economics page for details.

College students may still request enrollment in MBA-level courses (BUSN 3XXXX-level and higher) via the Booth online registration request form (see below for policies and the enrollment link). MBA-level courses follow Booth policies for the Academic calendar, exam schedule, and registration.

Note that once you have completed an MBA-level course you cannot enroll in the comparable Business Economics course, and vice versa. For example, if you take BUSN 30000 Financial Accounting you cannot then enroll in BUSN 20100 Financial Accounting. Consult the list of Course Enrollment Restrictions.

Students should consult with their academic advisor or the Economics Department regarding MBA-level course equivalencies for the Business Economics specialization.

Important Differences Between Booth and the College

  • First-year College students may not take any business course, including Business Economics sections.
  • College students may not audit any business courses.
  • College students (including Dougan Scholars) may not take 50-Unit Booth courses. 
  • Waitlists are not created for any business courses.
  • Seats cannot be added to a full course, even with instructor consent.
  • Booth courses cannot be added via a consent form or pink slip.
  • Booth courses typically meet once per week for three hours.
  • Booth course sessions are not videotaped. Missing even one class can cause a significant setback in your course performance.
  • Not all Booth faculty offer a Pass/Fail option, and the Pass/Fail request deadline is earlier than the College (requests must be submitted to the Booth Registrar by Friday, week 4).
  • All students are expected to sit for exams as scheduled. Faculty are under no obligation to offer make-up exams or alternate exam times for students with conflicts.
  • Most Booth faculty do not provide early final grades to graduating students. Students should consult with their College Advisor before enrolling in an MBA-level course their graduating quarter. See the FAQ for Graduating students for details.

How to Request Enrollment in an MBA-level Course

  1. Review the Seat Availability report to see if a Booth course is closed, or to estimate your chances of successfully enrolling in a course.
  2. Check for any strict prerequisites or enrollment restrictions
  3. Submit your registration request using the appropriate link below.
  4. Because most Booth courses meet only once a week and many faculty have a mandatory first class attendance policy, you should attend the first session of any Booth course you submit a request for, even if you haven't received enrollment results yet.
  5. Being added to a course's Canvas site does not constitute registration in a course. Only the Booth Registrar's office can enroll you in a Booth course.

Request Enrollment (Pre-registration)

  • Use the Registration Request Form link (below) to submit your enrollment request. The link is only live when the Request Form is active.
  • To increase your chance of getting into a class, fill out the Request Enrollment form as soon as possible after it opens.
  • You can be enrolled in a maximum of three Booth courses per quarter. In the Request Enrollment Form you may indicate a preference for up to 3 courses with 1 alternate section per course.
  • Once you complete the Request Form, a copy will be automatically emailed to you as a record of your request. Completing the Request Form does not mean you are enrolled in a Booth course; it is only a record of your request.
  • If you change your mind, you can fill out the poll again with a new request. Only your most recent request will be processed; any previous requests and time-stamps will be discarded.
  • On the day the online form closes, the Booth Registrar’s office manually processes non-Booth requests in timestamp order. If a seat is open in a course you are eligible for, you will be enrolled.
  • The results of your request will be emailed to you by the Booth Registrar's Office according to the schedule below.
  • View your successful enrollment(s) in my.UChicago the day after receiving the confirmation email.
  • If your request was not successful, you may submit another enrollment request using the Add or Swap link.
  • Seats are not held for unsuccessful requests or pending waivers; you must submit a new request once your results have been sent.

Add or Swap

  • This link becomes active at 5pm on Tuesday 1/7 and manual enrollment processing begins on Wednesday.
  • This abbreviated request form allows you to request an enrollment or swap for one course at a time.
  • You may submit multiple requests. All requests will be processed.
  • All requests will be processed in the order they are received.
  • Requests are processed once per day, typically starting around noon.
  • Results are emailed by end of business day, typically by 5pm.
  • The deadline to add a course or swap sections is Monday, January 13. No exceptions will be made, even with instructor permission.


MBA-level Course Registration Request Schedule*


Requests Collected

Requests Processed

Results Emailed

Request Enrollment

Friday, 12/20 at 10am - Tuesday, 1/7 at 8am


Tuesday, 1/7 by 4:30pm

Request to Add or Swap

Tuesday, 1/7 at 5pm - Monday, 1/13 at 8am

Every Business Day, 1/8-1/13
starting at noon

Every Business Day, 1/8-1/13
by 5pm


Monday, 1/6 at 3pm - Sunday, 1/26 at 11:59pm

Every Business Day,1/6-1/26

Every Business Day,1/6-1/26

*For Business Economics courses, use the self-enrollment feature in My.UChicago.edu.The deadline to add is Friday week 1.
**Drops requested after 5pm Friday through midnight on Sunday will be processed on Monday and backdated to Friday.