Taking Courses at Booth

Prerequisites and Seat Availability

Courses are offered on a space-available basis after Booth students have had first priority for registration. Popular courses may be closed due to space limitations.

Prerequisites and Instructor Consent

There are four prerequisite categories at Chicago Booth:

1. Strict:

Required for students to enroll in a course. Students cannot request enrollment unless they have taken the course at Booth or received a faculty waiver. These are noted with the word "strictin the Prerequisites section of the course description in the Booth Course Search tool. You can consult the quarterly Strict Prerequisites & Restrictions List for a consolidated list of courses with strict prerequisites and restricted populations.

2. With Permission:

Students must gain email consent of the instructor to enroll in the course.

3. Restricted Population Only (i.e. PhD students only): Only students within the designated population(s) may enroll in the course.

4. Recommended:

Recommended background for students to enroll in the course. Students are allowed to enroll in the course even if they have not met the recommended prerequisites at the Booth or through other avenues (prior academic background/work experience). If you are unsure, reach out to the faculty member directly to ask.

Note: If no notation of "strict" is listed for the prerequisite, then it is a recommended prerequisite and does not require a Prerequisite Waiver.

Prerequisite Waiver Process

In some cases, Chicago Booth faculty will waive strict prerequisites. To request a Prerequisite Waiver:

  • Email the faculty member, describe your relevant experience, and ask for a waiver.

  • If approved, forward the faculty member’s written consent to prereq@lists.chicagobooth.edu.

  • During business hours, Booth Registrar's Office will process the waiver and you will receive an email confirmation that the waiver has been logged.

  • The waiver is effective for all sections of that faculty member's course for the current quarter.

  • The same course may have different strict prerequisites or non-Booth enrollment restrictions when taught by different faculty.

  • Seats are not held for students waiting for prerequisite waivers.

First Class Assignments

Some courses have first class attendance requirements and/or an assignment due on the first day of class. Reference the First Class Assignment list. You should attend the first class session, even if you are not certain you will enroll.

Class Cancellations

Any cancelled classes will be published here.

Seat Availability

seat availability report is produced at the end of each phase of Booth registration to provide a snapshot of enrollment in Booth courses. Enrollment activity occurs during and following the production of the report. Note: Rosters on the Classes/My.UChicago page do not reflect actual open seats.

For Spring 2020 seat availability reports will be published between 3-5pm (CST), on the following dates (refresh your browser to view the current report):

March 3, 10, 13, 23

March 30-April 9 (every business day)