Taking Courses at Booth

Post-Grad (Alumni) Program

The Post-Grad Take 3 Free Program allows Booth alumni to take up to but not more than 300 course units in any combination of 50-unit or 100-unit courses offered through the Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, and Weekend MBA programs. Tuition is not assessed for these classes, but you are responsible for the costs of course materials, which includes a $25 fee for each course. 

 Registration and Grading

  • To request registration, fill out the Request Form below.
  • Courses cannot be audited; they must be taken for a letter grade or Pass/Fail.
  • Courses dropped after week 3 will be assigned a "W" grade and will count against your three (3) course allotment.
  • Courses and grades will appear on your official University of Chicago transcript but do not retroactively apply toward concentrations. Grades for Post-Grad Take 3 courses are included in your cumulative GPA.
  • To register for 50-unit courses in the second half of the quarter, contact BoothRegistrar@Lists.ChicagoBooth.edu by Friday, Week 3. 
  • You will need to re-certify your UChicago CNet ID in order to gain access to online course materials. Your student ID number will be emailed as part of your registration confirmation, and you should call UChicago IT during business hours: 773.702-5800 (M-F 7:30am-6:00pm) to ask them to reactivate your CNet ID.


  • If you were a student before autumn 2005, you will be assessed a $100 Lifetime Transcript Fee upon enrollment in your first Post-Grad Take 3 course. This one-time fee enables you to order an unlimited number of official transcripts at no additional charge. There is also an option for a $20 per-transcript order. Details are at the University Registrar's website.
  • You are responsible for purchasing any textbooks needed for the course.
  • There is a $25 fee for online course materials for each Booth course you take. This Booth Book Fee is non-refundable for courses dropped after Friday, week 2.
  • Payment of fees is due by the end of week 10. Fees may be paid online through your My.UChicago.edu portal or by check. 


  • You may not be enrolled in any other University of Chicago degree or non-degree program while taking Post-Grad 3 courses at Booth. 
  • Only courses in the Booth Full-Time, Evening, or Weekend MBA programs are eligible for Post-Grad enrollment. Executive MBA courses or those offered elsewhere in the University are not eligible.
  • If registering for courses in two successive quarters, you must show proof of immunization compliance before you will be allowed to enroll in the second quarter.
  • The Post-Grad Take 3 program does not provide student visa eligibility for non-US citizens, even if you enroll in a full-time course load (300 units) in the same quarter.
  • Booth reserves the right to withdraw alumni from a course at any time and, upon review, to adjust or cancel this program.
  • After taking your Post-Grad 3 courses, alumni can register for classes at current tuition rates through the University of Chicago Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies. Alumni interested in enrolling in a non-Booth course may also do so through the Graham School.

Winter Quarter Post-Grad Online Poll Schedule (all times are CST)

NOTE: To request enrollment in Artificial Intelligence, Alumni need to fill out a separate request form. Professor Mullainathan will review the applications and select students to fill the 6 seats available to non-Booth students. The request form will remain open until December 28th at 5:00pm. Requestors will be emailed on Friday, January 4 by 5:00pm with the results.



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