Taking Courses at Booth

Drops and Grading

Registration Adjustments

Once you have successfully registered for a Booth course, use the information below if you want to make adjustments to your enrollment.

Dropping a Booth Course

Drops are allowed through Sunday of week 3 (October 14 for MBA-level courses; October 21 for Business Economics courses).
  • To drop an MBA-level course, fill out the online Drop Request Form.
  • College students who want to drop a College-level Business Economics course will use the self-serve function in My.UChicago in weeks 1-3.
  • The $25 Booth Book Fee is non-refundable for courses dropped after Friday, week 2.
  • Tuition penalties for drops may vary depending on your home program.


  • Beginning Monday of week 4, a drop is a withdrawal and a ‘W’ grade will post on your transcript.
  • College students must contact their advisor to request a withdrawal.
  • Graduate and doctoral students must contact the Booth Registrar's Office to request a withdrawal.
  • For MBA-level courses (BUSN 3XXXX and above), beginning Monday, week 9, an email from your instructor approving the withdrawal is also required.
  • The last day to request withdrawal from any Booth course is Friday, week 10. Non-attendance does not constitute dropping or withdrawing. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a failing grade.
  • Petitions for a withdrawal to be considered a late drop are conducted through your department/division. If approved, the Booth Registrar's Office must be notified.

Pass/Fail Grading

To find out whether you can audit or take your course Pass/Fail, first reference the online course description to see if the instructor has specified "No Pass/Fail." No exceptions are granted. To request Pass/Fail grading, complete a Pass/Fail form and email it to the Booth Registrar's Office by Friday, week 4. A Pass/Fail request may be rescinded within this time period, but after this deadline, no changes may be made.

Official Audit (grade of R)

To officially audit a course, in addition to registering for the course, you must receive written consent (email) from the instructor and email it to the Booth Registrar's Office by Friday, week 2. You will be charged tuition and a grade of "R" will appear on your transcript. An audit cannot be changed to a letter grade. Check the Booth course description to see if your instructor allows auditors.

Incomplete Grades

Requests for Incomplete grades must be approved by the instructor, and an Incomplete form must be emailed to the Booth Registrar's Office by Friday, week 10 (Friday, week 9 in summer).
College students must contact their advisor first in order to request an Incomplete.

Graduating Students

Taking a Booth course in your graduating quarter may impact your ability to graduate. Booth faculty are not required to issue provisional grades or early final grades for graduating students. It is recommended that you NOT take a Booth course in your graduating quarter, unless the course is NOT needed to fulfill your degree requirements. For more information, consult the For Graduating Students section of our FAQ.

Individual Study (BUSN 31301)

Booth Assistant, Associate, Clinical or Full Professors are eligible to sponsor an Independent Study. The deadline to submit the Individual Study form to the Booth Registrar's Office is Friday, week 2.