Full-Time MBA

MBA/Masters Program in Computer Science (MPCS)

The joint MBA and Masters Program in Computer Science offers students the opportunity to combine a business education with technology skills and become leaders within entrepreneurship, fintech, and technology management. The leadership and management skills acquired through Booth’s MBA program are complemented by rigorous theory, programming, and applications knowledge learned through the University of Chicago’s Department of Computer Science and its Masters Program in Computer Science.

Sergey Yun, MBA/MPCS

A hybrid of business and technology, the MBA/MPCS joint degree experience has given Sergey the tools to analyze any business situation from its technical roots to business strategies. Read his story »

Program Structure

Students complete 14 Booth-only courses (+ LEAD) and seven to nine MPCS-only courses. This program can be completed in two years if the student passes placement exams and avoids having to take the two immersion classes; however, if the two immersion classes need to be taken, the student should realistically budget 2.5 years to complete the program to avoid heavy course loads each quarter.

The MBA/MS degree is eligible for optional practical training STEM extension post-completion of the degree (applicable to F-1 or J-1 visa-holding students—Full-Time students only).


Tuition is assessed on a per-course basis at the Chicago Booth rate for all courses for both degrees.

Courses For Booth

Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD)

This course is required of all Full-Time students and is completed during the Fall Quarter of their first year of residency in the program. The course is designed to enhance students’ self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness by providing them with an opportunity to benchmark themselves with respect to critical aspects of leadership—working in teams, influencing others, conflict management, interpersonal communication, presentation skills, etc. The course also helps students create a personalized plan to guide their continued development at Booth and beyond.

Financial Accounting (select one)

Basic Courses: Financial Accounting

Advanced Alternatives: Accounting & Financial Analysis I; Accounting & Financial Analysis II; Financial Statement Analysis

Microeconomics (select one)

Basic Courses: Microeconomics, Advanced Microeconomic Analysis, Accelerated Microeconomics

Advanced Alternatives: Topics in Microeconomics Theory

Statistics (select one)

Basic Courses: Business Statistics, Applied Regression Analysis

Advanced Alternatives: Analysis of Financial Time Series; Financial Econometrics; Statistical Insight into Marketing, Consulting, and Entrepreneurship; Data Mining; or any PhD-level statistics

Additional Coursework

600 (of 700) Functions, Management, and Business Environment

500 Electives

Courses For MPCS


The MS in computer science degree has two prerequisite (immersion) courses (100 units) a student must fulfill either through course completion or placement exams. Offered in both Winter and Summer Quarters, they are: MPCS 50101 Concepts of Programming and MPCS 50103 Mathematics for Computer Science (Discrete Math)

Core & Elective Coursework

200 units of credit in MPCS prerequisite classes (programming and math) if needed

 400 units of credit in MPCS Core Courses (including 1 Programming, 1 Algorithms, and 2 Systems classes)

 300 units of credit in MPCS Electives

For more detailed information regarding the MPCS curriculum, please visit the program’s website or direct your inquiries to MPCS admissions.

Admissions Process

Interested applicants may apply to both programs concurrently or during their first year of residency in either program (current students please read Eligibility Requirements below). Admissions decisions are made independently of one another. Inquiries regarding the admissions process for the MPCS program should be directed to the Masters Program in Computer Science.

Eligibility Requirements: Booth students who wish to undertake the joint degree with MPCS must be admitted to and begin the MPCS portion of the joint degree before completing 1,100 units of Booth course credit (which includes enrollment in computer science immersion coursework if applicable). A Booth student registered in 1,150 units or more is not eligible for the joint degree. MPCS students who wish to undertake the joint degree with Booth must be admitted to and begin the MBA portion of the joint degree before completing 400 units of MPCS course credit (MPCS immersion courses are prerequisite courses and are not included in the 400 units of MPCS course credit). An MPCS student registered in 500 units or more is not eligible for the joint degree.

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