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The University of Chicago's three-year JD and MBA joint-degree program places students at the intersection of legal and business expertise, integrating the distinct flexibility and interdisciplinary strengths of both UChicago Law and Chicago Booth. Through a curriculum spanning two world-leading institutions and faculties, students expand their views and approaches to research and memoranda, study the reciprocal relationship between the legal system and business, and gain skills and savvy to serve as key leaders and advisers. The program prepares graduates for successful careers in business, in law, or in the increasingly complex global environments that straddle both fields. 

The JD/MBA Program is a joint offering of the University of Chicago Law School and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

An Accelerated Three-Year Structure

The accelerated program is intended to take three years to complete. During that time, students can leverage the vast resources and flexibility of both programs to attain a course balance to meet their needs and goals. Students navigate the program by taking 1400 units of required Booth coursework (+ LEAD) and 105 credit hours of required coursework at UChicago Law. 

Below is a model schedule, showing how students can pursue the accelerated structure.  

Model Schedule

Academic Year Summer Term
Year 1 Three quarters of Law Courses (+ Leadership Module) Internship | Two Booth Courses
Year 2 Three quarters of Booth and Law Courses (+ Leadership Course) Second Internship
Year 3 Three quarters of Law Courses Graduate - Begin Full-Time Position


Unparalleled Program Offerings

Leadership Development

Leadership is a core aspect of the JD/MBA experience. The integration of program resources and experiential learning helps students create personalized plans to guide their continued development while in the program and beyond.

All first-year UChicago Law students participate in the Kapnick Leadership Development Initiative, which builds on leadership styles and effectiveness within team dynamics and gives students the tools to respond to the legal profession's unique challenges and environments. Students' increased self-awareness improves their abilities to motivate teams and organizations, build relationships, and influence outcomes. 

Then, at Booth, students continue building their skill sets through the Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD) course. The course is designed to further enhance students’ interpersonal effectiveness by providing them with an opportunity to benchmark themselves with respect to critical aspects of leadership—working in teams, influencing others, conflict management, interpersonal communication, presentation skills, etc. 

Multidisciplinary Curriculum

UChicago Law offers an unparalleled curriculum that starts with a legal foundation in the concepts of statutory interpretation, judicial decision-making and legal research and expands into an interdisciplinary exploration of how law intersects with business, economics, political science, philosophy and beyond. UChicago Law students also represent real clients in legal proceedings in fourteen different legal clinics, including the Corporate Lab and Innovation Clinic.  Learn more about UChicago Law's curriculum » 

Chicago Booth's curriculum provides a firm grounding in core principles and a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and the study of business. Our curriculum ensures that you’ll learn to evaluate problems and opportunities through the fundamentals and analytical frameworks that underlie business—accounting, economics, psychology, sociology, and statistics. Understanding these core academic principles will enable you to transcend business trends and thrive in any situation.  Learn more about Booth’s curriculum »


Community and Student-Led Organizations

The JD/MBA program immerses you into a global community of influential leaders, faculty, and industry experts. The alumni networks of Booth and UChicago Law span more than 66,000 alumni in industries, firms, and countries around the world.

As a JD/MBA student, you also tap into the diverse backgrounds and experiences of 590+ Chicago Booth peers and 180+ UChicago Law students. Competitions, student groups, and organizations play a vital role in shaping the University of Chicago experience and fostering these connections. In addition to the JD/MBA Association, students can participate in more than 80 students groups at Chicago Booth and more than 60 organizations at UChicago Law. Groups span a wide variety of topics, including professional, social, regional and special interests.

Career Support

UChicago Law and Chicago Booth are two of the leading graduate programs in terms of career support and overall graduating student employment outcomes. Both programs take a highly personalized approach and offer dedicated resources like career coaching, career development and recruitment programming, comprehensive job market insights, and annual job postings. 

View employment data for recent graduates of UChicago Law

View employment data for recent graduates of Booth

Centered In a World Class City

The UChicago campus and broader city of Chicago are interconnected in a way that not only serves as an unparalleled training ground, but also provides an amazing backdrop to your JD/MBA experience. 

  • 3rd largest resident population in the US
  • 2nd most Fortune 500 company headquarters
  • 10 major museums and more than 200 theaters 
  • 26 miles of lakefront shoreline and 23 swimming beaches
  • 500 parks and 300+ miles of bike lanes
  • 7,000+ restaurants, including 26 Michelin-starred
  • 250+ live music venues, ranging from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Blues Festival, to the Joffrey Ballet and Lollapalooza
  • 8 major sports teams, including 5 that play within minutes of downtown


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There will be a single tuition for the JD/MBA three-year program. Tuition has not been set for the 2020 academic year, but will be available in early 2020. Please check back for more detailed tuition information.

Admissions Process

Applicants interested in the JD/MBA are encouraged to apply through our centralized, joint-application process and prior to the January 7, 2020 JD/MBA application deadline. If you are a current UChicago Law student, you will need to apply during your first year of law school. 

Admissions interviews are by invitation only and all admissions decisions will be released on March 19, 2020. For questions regarding the admissions process, please view our frequently asked questions or contact jdmba@uchicago.edu 

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Brice Lipman

Brice Lipman, JD/MBA 16

The academic training Brice received at Booth and the Law School aided him in thinking critically in both data-driven and legal analysis as he advises energy, oil, and gas companies at one of the top global law firms.