Full-Time MBA


The joint MBA and JD degree program places students at the intersection of law and business, providing the skills and savvy to serve as key advisors and leaders in increasingly complex legal and business environments. Through courses at Booth and the Law School, students expand their views and approaches to research and memoranda, study the reciprocal relationship between the legal system and business, and gain valuable perspectives into the financial and economic considerations of business decisions.

Amelia Runyan

Amelia Runyan, JD/MBA 14

Booth's flexible curriculum provided the ideal environment for Amelia to complement her Law School coursework in carving out her academic path to foster her future career goals.

Brice Lipman

Brice Lipman, JD/MBA 16

The academic training Brice received at Booth and the Law School aided him in thinking critically in both data-driven and legal analysis as he advises energy, oil, and gas companies at one of the top global law firms. 

Program Structure

Students complete 1,400 units of Booth-only course credit (+ LEAD) and required coursework at the University of Chicago Law School over a four-year period. Students complete their first year of residency at the Law School, their second year of residency at the Law School in addition to a summer law internship, their third year at Booth including a summer business-related internship, and their final year completing one quarter at Booth and two quarters at the Law School.

  Autumn Winter Spring Summer
Year 1 Law Law Law Law
Year 2 Law Law Law Law (internship)
Year 3 Booth Booth Booth Business-related internship
Year 4 Booth* Law Law Graduated -- Full-Time Position

 * Student selects which quarter to be in residence at Chicago Booth


The school determines the tuition charges. The Law School charges tuition at a flat rate, regardless of how many courses are taken. Students are in Law School residence for eight quarters. Chicago Booth charges tuition on a per-course basis. Students pay Chicago Booth tuition for 1,400 units of course credit (there is no tuition charge for LEAD). This is accomplished by being in Chicago Booth residence for at least four quarters.

Courses for Booth

Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD)

This course is required of all Full-Time students and is completed during Fall Quarter of their first year of residency in the program. The course is designed to enhance students’ self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness by providing them with an opportunity to benchmark themselves with respect to critical aspects of leadership—working in teams, influencing others, conflict management, interpersonal communication, presentation skills, etc. The course also helps students create a personalized plan to guide their continued development at Booth and beyond.

Financial Accounting (select one)

Basic Courses: Financial Accounting

Advanced Alternatives: Accounting & Financial Analysis I; Accounting & Financial Analysis II; Financial Statement Analysis

Microeconomics (select one)

Basic Courses: Microeconomics, Advanced Microeconomic Analysis, Accelerated Microeconomics

Advanced Alternatives: Topics in Microeconomics Theory

Statistics (select one)

Basic Courses: Business Statistics, Applied Regression Analysis

Advanced Alternatives: Analysis of Financial Time Series; Financial Econometrics; Statistical Insight into Marketing, Consulting, and Entrepreneurship; Data Mining; or any PhD-level statistics

Additional Coursework

600 (of 700) Functions, Management, and Business Environment

500 Electives

Courses For The Law School

For detailed information regarding the Law School’s curriculum, please visit the school's website or email Law School Admissions.

Admissions Process

Interested applicants may apply to both programs concurrently. If you are a current Booth student, you will need to apply to the Law School during your first year of residency at Booth. If you are a current Law student, you will need to apply to Booth within your first two years of residency at the Law School. Admissions decisions are made independently of one another. Inquiries regarding the admissions process for the Law School should be directed to admissions@law.uchicago.edu.

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