Executive MBA


There are several items required to complete an application for the Executive MBA Program at Chicago Booth. To assist you with the process, we have provided our application checklist below.

Application Checklist

Your application will consist of the following items:

*Interviews are conducted by invitation only, and will be arranged by our admissions staff

Submit Your Application

Submitting an application and application materials should be done online.

Applying Online - The system includes step-by-step instructions for completing the application, including the process for submitting transcripts, test scores, essays, and letters of recommendation. You may make edits and changes to an application at any time prior to submission. Registration and creation of a user name and password are required to begin the online application.


The following application materials are required as part of your reapplication:

  • Reapplication essay (1)
  • One new letter of recommendation (from a current supervisor or manager)
  • An updated resume
  • Test score
  • Completed application form and $175 USD fee

Two letters of recommendation and any transcripts already received from your previous application will be filed by the program office with your reapplication.

Essay - Please update your professional, academic, and community activities since your previous application and highlight what you have done to strengthen your application (maximum 1 page, 12 pt. Times New Roman).

Letter of Support

A letter of company support certifying that your employer will allow you to attend all class meetings is requested after admission. This letter is not required to provide details of financial support, if any.