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Executive Assessment Test

Executive Assessment Test

Executive AssessmentWhy Take the Executive Assessment Test?

Executive MBA candidates are more senior than other MBA applicants and are juggling careers, families, and other responsibilities. We know you have less time to prepare for a test than most. That’s why Chicago Booth partnered with the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) to create the Executive Assessment Test, an admissions test designed specifically for Executive MBA candidates. The Executive Assessment Test will help us assess the core skills needed during the MBA Program and offers a streamlined alternative to the GMAT that requires less preparation time and is shorter in duration.

While the Executive Assessment Test is just one piece of your Executive MBA application, the test score signals to us that you share our values around academic rigor and the need to go deeper into the fundamentals of business. It also ensures that both you and your classmates share the same dedication to the program by each experiencing a test preparation process. Learning new skills, studying, and taking tests will all be part of the MBA experience at Chicago Booth—and the Executive Assessment Test can help you identify areas for development as you prepare to become a student again.

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Be Prepared on Day One

Chicago Booth requires an admissions test to ensure a high-level of dedication, inquiry, and debate for all students in the Executive MBA Program.

Executive Assessment Test Preparation

What’s on the Executive Assessment Test and how can you prepare? The Executive Assessment Test evaluates candidates on higher-order reasoning in three sections: Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. To view sample questions and practice tests, visit the GMAC website.

In addition, Chicago Booth created a one-of-a-kind, exclusive webinar series designed to help prepare you for the Executive Assessment. There are two parts to the series—one focusing on the Quantitative section of the test, and the other on the Integrative Reasoning section. Taught by a Chicago Booth professor, each features a deep dive into the material so you will know it for the exam and for the program.

“I felt the Executive Assessment webinar was an investment in my success before I was even a student. I want to be at a place that wants me to do well—and attending the program at Chicago Booth since has reinforced that.”

–Christy Valentine, Current Student, Executive MBA Program - North America

After the Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment participants can take the test up to two times. We generally see scores improve with the second try. For test-takers looking to better their score, consider the following preparation tips:

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Analyze your initial test scores for each section and identify specific areas for improvement. The goal should be to achieve balance across the three sections.

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Practice, practice, practice. You can use the sample problems available on the GMAC website.

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Try to leave your test anxiety at the door. You know what to expect this time around and will feel more comfortable in the testing environment.

“I was apprehensive about taking a standardized test for the first time in over a decade. Luckily, the Executive Assessment allows you to take the exam twice. When I took the EA for the first time, I spent too much time answering an initial question and ran out of time in the end. I found it very helpful to have seen the EA and experienced the testing environment once before. My second score ended up being significantly higher.”

– Chris Panoff, Current Student, Executive MBA Program - North America

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