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Forging a Unique Path in Leadership

At Booth, we encourage seasoned executives to enhance their leadership abilities by improving the action and insight skills critical to effective leadership. Executive MBA students learn to collect data on their experiences, test their own leadership styles and strengthen those skills over a lifetime.

Leadership By the Numbers



Booth Executive MBA alumni who are CEOs or other top company officers



PERCENT OF Companies citing leadership development as very important—Deloitte



PERCENT OF companies redesigning their organizations to be more team-centered—Deloitte

A History of Leadership

icon A 20/20 View on Leadership

A 20/20 View on Leadership

At the annual Executive MBA 20/20 event, alumni share leadership insights with new students from Chicago, London, and Hong Kong.

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icon Master Class: Leadership Capital

Master Class: Leadership Capital

Linda E. Ginzel imparts seven quick lessons on how executives can choose to lead more effectively.

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icon Grace Under Pressure

Grace under Pressure

Shaped by Milton Friedman and Booth’s Executive MBA Program, Energy Recovery president and CEO Joel Gay, ’10, led his company to a record share price and a new era of innovation.

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Executive MBA Executive MBA


Accounting professor Willard Graham was the first to propose launching an MBA program for seasoned managers in order to strengthen American business leadership. He would later be remembered as
“the one man who had most changed the entire concept of executive development.”


The Evolution of Leadership Education at Booth

In the 1990s, leadership education spun on its axis, from theory and conjecture to action and results. The evolution began at Booth: Professor Howard Haas, who worked to fill the giant “knowing-doing gap” with a new course called Leadership in Practice, said he felt “like someone in the desert carrying a canteen of water to the very thirsty.”

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Booth Alumni: Who Is Your ONE?

The Executive MBA Program is a close-knit community. Alumni referrals are our number one source of applications each year. When you refer a student, you shape the future of the Executive MBA Program. To celebrate our anniversary, we’re challenging each of our graduates to refer one candidate and pass along Booth’s cutting-edge education to tomorrow’s leaders.

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Get to Know Our Program

Throughout our 75th anniversary year, we invite you to discover how The Chicago Approach continues to prepare senior leaders for the demands of a rapidly changing world. Attend an event, delve into cutting-edge research from our faculty, or explore stories from our students and alumni. Learn more about Chicago Booth’s Executive MBA Program and the lifelong impact it creates.

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From a Senior Leader’s Perspective

icon Chicago Booth Executive MBA 75th Anniversary History

The First Program of Its Kind

In 1943, during a time of global upheaval, the world’s first Executive MBA program was established at the University of Chicago. As we reflect on our 75th year, we invite you to explore where we’ve been and where we’re going.

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icon Evolving Human Capital

Evolving Human Capital

Today’s breakthrough gadget will be tomorrow’s museum piece. So what endures? The human element. It’s what legendary UChicago economist and Nobel laureate Gary Becker outlined in his classic, Human Capital.

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icon Leadership

Change is in Our DNA

What do the first credit card, the first personal computer, and the first Japanese car sold in the United States have in common? Booth’s Executive MBA Program predates them all. Amid a century full of rapid advancements in business and culture, our program has always prepared students for what’s next.

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