Evening MBA

Leadership Development

It takes more than brilliant solutions to be successful in business. Standing out from the rest depends on how well you communicate, collaborate, and motivate people. These skills are critical to a lifetime of strong business relationships and career advancement.

Chicago Booth understands the importance of leadership training. We developed one of the first experiential leadership programs for full-time students at a major business school in 1989 under the guidance of Harry Davis, Roger L. and Rachel M. Goetz Distinguished Professor of Creative Management. After two decades of successful programming, Booth launched the Effective Leadership program (now titled Leadership Development) in the summer of 2009, tailored for the Evening and Weekend Booth MBA students. The program is built on a few guiding principles:

  • Self-awareness is a critical first step to personal and professional leadership development.
  • To be successful in your career, you must ACT your way into a new way of thinking, not just THINK your way into a new way of acting. True change can only be achieved and sustained through repeated application in your daily life, accompanied by frequent feedback.

Chicago Booth's Leadership Development Office offers a variety of leadership growth opportunities, including the required curriculum component called LEAD (completed in your first quarter), and several optional electives that can be taken at any point during your Booth career.

The Leadership Development Office for Part-time MBA Programs at Chicago Booth is designed to complement Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students' demanding work and academic schedules. Taught by experts in the leadership development field and professional business consultants, the curriculum builds self-awareness while also offering practical tools and experiences that students can apply in the classroom and at work.

Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD)

Your leadership journey starts with LAUNCH - a three-day program that kicks off your Booth experience and help you build connections from day one. The LEAD course is designed to enhance students’ self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness by providing them with an opportunity to benchmark themselves with respect to critical aspects of leadership – working in teams, influencing others, conflict management, presentation skills, etc. The course also helps students create a personalized plan to guide their continued development at Booth and beyond.

“The Communication and Collaboration portion of LAUNCH was very useful as it helped me to not only analyze my interpersonal tendencies but also build friendships and relationships with my classmates.” Incoming evening student, Autumn ‘12

Students complete most of their LEAD requirements at LAUNCH. Toward the end of your first quarter, students attend a single session ReLAUNCH. At ReLAUNCH students learn more about themselves as experienced by others through a feedback process. This feedback and the insights gained enable students to complete a leadership development plan.

Leadership Development Electives/Workshops

Students have opportunities to continue their leadership development by attending one of the various electives offered by the Leadership Development Office. A few examples are below.

  • Enhancing Your Leadership Presence Part II
  • Critical Conversations

Courses on Leadership

Our leadership perspectives are woven into the Booth curriculum. Chicago Booth faculty know what it takes to succeed in business and they incorporate practical applications into their courses to make students better leaders. Some example courses are below.

  • The Practice of Leadership in Business
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Power and Influence in Organizations

For more information on Leadership Development at Chicago Booth, please contact the Leadership Development Office for Part-Time MBA Programs at ewmbaLEAD@chicagobooth.edu.