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Admissions Questions

Chat Participant: Hi! The intro email said "Generally speaking, the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA are designed for full-time working professional who want to continue working while getting their MBA." Can you explain why that is? I am currently working in engineering but looking to make a career change
Paul Awosoga | Weekend MBA Student:  The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA provides the flexibility to continue working while obtaining your MBA. However, in terms of post-MBA goals, you are still able to make a career change with the Evening and Weekend MBA program. I am a Weekend MBA student and I have been able to switch careers with the help of Career Services/ On-Campus Recruiting. I also know of other students in my program who have successfully switched careers as well. Hope this answers your question.

Chat Participant: What is the ideal required work experience with respect to time for weekend MBA?
Stephanie Gunn | Director of Admissions: From our incoming student profile data you can see that we have a wide range of work experience in the program. It's really just a matter of when is the right time for you to earn your MBA. For some that might be earlier in their career and we have a program called Chicago Business Fellows designed especially for those with 3 years or less of work experience. For others, they might find themselves looking to earn their MBA with 10+ years of experience. We want this variety of work experience in our classroom. Keep in mind that the average is 6 years, but again, don't read too much into that.

Chat Participant: How do the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA compare to the Executive MBA?
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs differ from the Executive MBA programs in two key ways: average amount of work experience in the student population and how students progress through the program. The average amount of work experience in the E/W programs is about 6-7 years and the Executive MBA program is closer to 13-14 years. The Executive MBA program uses a lockstep approach, where students progress through the program together in 23 months, taking the same courses together. E/W students can progress through the program at a more flexible pace, having up to 5 years to complete degree requirements.

Chat Participant: Are there any special programs, like certifications, that we can complete first and then add them towards the Evening MBA credits?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: There are no certificates that you can complete first that will apply to the degree. There are a handful of Booth courses that you can take prior to matriculating, but you would still need to apply and be admitted to the program following those courses. The 5 year completion window also starts with the first class you take. I hope this helps!


Chat Participant: Good afternoon, are these programs through in person learning or are there online courses during the pandemic time?
Stephanie Gunn | Director of Admissions: Prior to COVID all of our classes were 100% in percent including for the Weekend students who commuted from outside of Illinois to take classes in person on the weekends. While I do not have a crystal ball and cannot predict what will happen post COVID, at this time Evening and Weekend classes are taking place in different modalities including a virtual option.

Chat Participant: Is there any benefit to getting your application in before the deadline?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: There is not! We recommend submitting your application whenever it is ready, whether that is well in advance of the deadline or on the deadline itself. All applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and will receive a decision within 4-6 weeks

Chat Participant
: Hello all, I live in Georgia, have a family and work full-time. What would be the best program for my situation?
Paul Awosoga | Weekend MBA Student:  It will primarily depend on your ability/ availability to attend classes either during the week or on weekends. Most students who live outside of Chicago/ Illinois tend to go for the Weekend program as it is more convenient. For those residing in Chicago, Evening Program tend to work better. However, there is flexibility in how you take classes. Being a Weekend MBA student does not preclude you from taking Evening classes and vice versa. You will just need to register for courses, either evening or weekend, as your schedule permits.


Chat Participant: How does the evening MBA compare to the weekend MBA?
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: The only real difference between Evening and Weekend students is what courses they have priority enrollment for. Evening students will first select from courses in their home program, which are courses offered Monday-Friday at 6-9pm. Weekend students will do the same for courses offered Fridays at 6-9pm (shared with Evening) and Saturdays sections at 9am-12pm and 1:30-4:30pm. There is an open enrollment period before each quarter, so students will be able to enroll in any open course across the Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time programs. If you are trying to decide which program to apply for, primarily consider when during the week you will most commonly want to take classes.

Chat Participant: How does Booth differentiate itself from other top tier schools?
Stephanie Gunn | Director of Admissions: I would say hands down our flexibility and our educational philosophy known as the Chicago Approach rooted in the idea that we are teaching out students how to think, and not what to think. Our students are equipped with analytical toolkit to apply to any business problems. We are creating problem solvers! You can learn more about the Impact of The Chicago Approach and how it shapes the Booth experience here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/why-booth/educational-philosophy

Chat Participant: Hello! Can you be admitted to the JD/MBA joint degree program with only an LSAT score?
Stephanie Gunn | Director of Admissions: The JD/MBA is not an option for the part-time program. That is only through our full-time MBA Program. You can learn more here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/joint-degree/jd-mba. There is information on test requirements under the Frequently Asked Questions portion of the site.

Chat Participant: When is the next application deadline for E/W MBA?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: The next deadline will be for the summer quarter start date. That application deadline will be April 1st!

Chat Participant: What is Booth's Mission Statement?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: Our mission statement is "At Booth, our mission is to create knowledge with enduring impact, and influence and educate current and future leaders. Leaders like you. We do this through a passionate commitment to helping the best and brightest minds turn their ideas and talents into a meaningful impact"

Chat Participant: Does having a previous Master’s education help towards work experience or is beneficial towards an admission to the weekend MBA program?
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: Master’s program experience is categorized as academic experience and can certainly add value to one’s application.

Chat Participant: I want to know stats of the scholarships for evening and weekend MBA programs
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! We do offer some merit-aid to competitive applicants. The scholarship range is $10,000 to 30,000, and is awarded after an applicant is admitted. There is no separate application process for scholarships - you will automatically be considered!

Chat Participant: I have not asked for a recommendation from my direct manager, though I have requested one from his manager with whom I have worked much more directly, and for a longer time. Do I need to note that when I submit my application?
Stephanie Gunn | Director of Admissions: If you do not submit a recommendation letter from your current supervisor/manager you will be prompted to explain why in the application itself. There is also a question that asks you to explain why you chose the recommenders that you did. So yes, there is ample opportunity to provide reasoning and in fact you will be required to do so when you do not select your current supervisor/manager.

Chat Participant
: Hello! I have a question regarding the application submission and when the recommender submits their portion. Is there a time limit after submitting your application and when your recommenders have to complete their portion?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: Hello! Your recommenders have until one week after the application deadline to submit their recommendations. We won't start your application review until all materials are received. So essentially there is no time limit except for the one that is already built in to the application deadline

Chat Participant
: Will a decision be made 4-6 weeks from submission of applicant or 4-6 weeks from deadline?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: Great question! The decision will be made 4-6 weeks after submission of the application, regardless of the timing of the application deadline.

Chat Participant: Can you please clarify regarding the "Rolling admissions" for Booth? Is the admission offered /incoming class filled on a quarter basis?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: We typically open an application nine months before that program were to begin. So at any given time you can usually choose between 2 or 3 start times. Whichever start time you decide to apply to, we will review once you have submitted, whether that is well before the deadline or at the last minute. Regardless of timing, everyone has the same opportunity and will receive a decision 4-6 weeks after their submission

Chat Participant: What is the acceptance rate into your programs?
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: Booth does not have a set number of seats needed to fill in any given quarter in the Evening/Weekend programs. Also, each application is reviewed and decided on individually. This variance does not provide us with a reliable acceptance rate to share with prospective students.

Chat Participant: Hello, I'm interested in the Civics Scholars Program.  When is that application deadline?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! The Part-Time MBA Civic Scholars application deadline is February 11. You can learn more about the application process by clicking this link https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/civic-scholars/admissions

Chat Participant
: Does having a better GMAT score (say 700+) increase chances to receive scholarship/financial aid for part time MBA?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! Competitive applicants for scholarship consideration will have a strong academic record, including a strong GMAT score. I hope this helps!

Chat Participant
: Can a part-time student anytime convert to a full-time student midway through the program? How much flexibility does Booth offer in this regard?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: A part-time student would not be able to convert to being in the full-time MBA program. However, you would be able to switch from the Evening MBA program into the Weekend Program (and vice versa) one time during your time with Chicago Booth.

Chat Participant: I did a yearlong internship during my Masters, will it be counted towards my experience?
Stephanie Gunn | Director of Admissions: We’d like to better understand the experiences and highlights of your professional career thus far and so we ask that you list full-time employers and positions, starting with the most recent. For each employer, identify the start and end dates, positions, salaries, as well as sector, industry, and function information, job description and the reason for leaving. However, when calculating months of full-time professional and military work experience we ask that you exclude any undergraduate internships, summer employment, volunteer work, etc.

Chat Participant: Can you please share the tuition fee structure for weekend MBA program?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: The estimated total cost for the Chicago Booth part-time program is about $150,000. You can find the fee breakdown at this link https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/admissions/cost

Chat Participant
: Booth is known for having a lot of students with a Finance background. Would you say that is equally true for the E/W student population?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! Our EW students come from a wide range of industries. Roughly 7% are in investment management/research, and 7% are in diversified financial services. You can learn more about our class profile by clicking this link: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/admissions/class-profile

Chat Participant: I read on your website that the application process looks at the student holistically rather than a more analytical numbers-focused approach. If I am a few points shy of the average GRE score, would you recommend that I try to take it again to get a higher score before the 4/1 deadline or focus on my other parts of my application?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! Ultimately, that would be your decision. We have students who are admitted with a score below and above the average. The standardized test score is one of numerous aspects considered in our decision process. I would recommend submitting your application when you feel it is at its strongest!

Chat Participant: I do volunteer work for a couple of non-profit organizations. Is there a section in the application where I can mention my volunteer work? Is it considered as part of my professional experience?
Stephanie Gunn | Director of Admissions: Yes. In addition to uploading your resume there is a section called "Activities." We strongly value the unique interests and pursuits of our applicants outside the classroom and want to know about your past and current involvement in extracurricular activities like volunteer work as well as hobbies and areas of interest that are important to you.


Chat Participant: With 10+ years of professional experience and another advanced degree, how heavily is undergraduate GPA weighted?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! Your undergraduate GPA is one of numerous factors considered in our admissions decisions. Many students are able to demonstrate academic success in other ways, including a strong standardized test score or performance in an advanced degree if their UG GPA is not as strong. I hope this helps!

Chat Participant: apart from excellent GMAT scores, recommendation letters and good SOP - is there anything else required for applying to booth?
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: These are most of the requirements, but you can see our application requirements here https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/admissions/how-to-apply

Chat Participant: Can a student apply to part-time and EMBA simultaneously, or what should a prospective student do in the event that they are uncertain which program is the right fit for them? The Part-time and EMBA seem very similar other than the fact that Part-time has flexibility in scheduling and completing curriculum as opposed to Executive which has a set cadence and scheduling. Is that right? Otherwise curriculum, faculty, etc, seem similar. It seems the cohort or class profile is different as well, so aside from average age and years of work exp, is there a median/90% range?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! Good question - I would encourage you to apply to only one program. You are correct that the major difference is the flexibility in the PT program, compared to a more co-horted set cadence with EMBA. I would suggest scheduling time to speak with someone in both programs and then determine which the right fit is for you. I hope that helps!

Chat Participant: I am curious about hobbies - if I have an area of interest that I spend a lot of time researching, but do not have any real tangible output from, do you want to hear about that kind of thing?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! Yes, there is a section on the application to lest these activities. This helps us determine how involved you will be in the Booth community.

Test Score Questions

Chat Participant: I am interested in taking the weekend MBA. What is a decent GMAT cut off score to get into Booth (I realize that admission depends on many factors though). Also, do we have online classes arrangement or set-up for weekend MBA programs wherein we can attend virtual or remote classes on Saturday?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello - we take a holistic approach to application review, and we do not have any minimum score requirements to be admitted. The average GMAT score for EW students is a 677 - but we have students admitted below that score and above it. I hope that helps! Regarding virtual class offerings, we are currently offering some courses in a dual-modality format, but the plan is to return to 100% in-person courses as soon as possible.


Chat Participant: Where can we get the application deadline information? My GMAT is scheduled to be in April - this means I can only try applying for fall 2023? Or doing I have an option of applying for spring 2023 as well?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! You can see application deadlines by clicking this link: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/admissions/how-to-apply. If you are taking the GMAT in April, you could apply for the autumn 2022 quarter - that application deadline is June 3rd.

Chat Participant: Do you have minimum score required for TOEFL for admissions to the part-time program? I was reading about it on the website and was confused a bit.
Stephanie Gunn | Director of Admissions: Most of our applicants qualify for a TOEFL waiver. It is rare for us to see an application with the need for a TOEFL score (unlike full-time applicants). The requirement is waived if one of the following applies:

  • Are a citizen or permanent resident of a country where English is an official language
  • Have earned an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from an institution in which English is the language of instruction
  • Have been living and working full time in the United States for two or more years

Chat Participant: I am interested in Evening/Weekend MBA. Is GMAT/EA required or are there any waivers?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! We do not offer any waivers for the testing requirement. You will need to submit a GMAT, GRE, or EA score to be considered for the program.

Chat Participant: What is the average + median GRE score for part time students? Is there any preference to GMAT versus GRE?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: There is no preference for what test you decide to take. While we have no minimum test requirements, the average GMAT was 677 and the average GRE was a 160 quantitative and a 159 Verbal

Chat Participant: what is the average EA score in order to be considered at Booth?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: Hello! While we don't seek any kind of minimum score, the average EA score is a 153.

Chat Participant: Hello! I was wondering if the average GMAT score for the Booth Business Fellows Weekend MBA was also around 677. I could not find the specific average for that program but some websites indicated it was very close to the Weekend MBA average!
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: Yes, the academic statistics for the generally Evening and Weekend programs are extremely similar to the ones for the CBF program. They are equally competitive from that standpoint.

Chat Participant: Regarding Exams, how would admissions view an applicant taking the GMAT a few times and then switching over to the GRE and scoring closer to the mean GRE score vs the mean GMAT?
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: No assumptions would be made. For those who take exams multiple times, we only consider the highest cumulative score, whether it is the GMAT, GRE, or Executive Assessment.

Chat Participant: Hello! I want to know how long is the GRE score considered valid for an application?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: Your GRE score will remain valid for 5 years after you take the test. As long as your score is valid by the time you submit your application, we can consider it as your official test score


Academic Questions

Chat Participant: What are you excited about in terms of Booth’s future? Are there any new offerings you’re working on within the program?
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: I am particularly excited about the future of our many research centers, including our Kilts Center for Marketing, Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, and Rustandy Center for social innovation. These centers allow faculty, staff, students, and alumni to collaborate and build critical research to further revolutionize their respective industries and professional spaces. Students continue to benefit from this work with co-curricular programming, labs, mentors, and more. We continue to see a greater amount of offerings in our part-time formats, benefitting our Evening and Weekend students.

Chat Participant
: Are classes being held live or is it still remote via zoom?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello - we are still offering some courses in dual-modality, and we started this quarter fully remote due to the new Covid variant. That being said, the plan is to return to 100% in-person courses as soon as possible.

Chat Participant: How often are these classes held in a month and also classes are always on Saturday’s or it can be other days like Friday or Sunday
Paul Awosoga | Weekend MBA Student: Classes are held once a week from Mon - Fri and on Saturday (for Weekend Students) throughout each quarter (10 weeks). As a Weekend student, if your schedule/ location permits, you can take Evening Classes as well during the week as well.

Chat Participant: Would we need that approval to take evening classes if we are admitted into the weekend program? Would we only be able to take evening classes one semester?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: You do not need special permission to take evening courses if admitted to the weekend program. You will work closely with academic advisors once you are enrolled in the program who will help you with scheduling, including enrolling in courses outside of your program.

Chat Participant
: Thanks so much! My first question is: I am interested in focusing on Behavioral Economics and was wondering if that is an option for Evening and Weekend students.
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: It certainly is! There is a tremendous amount of flexibility in the curriculum, and thus you can take numerous courses in Behavioral Economics.

Chat Participant: Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to host this. What is the average workload like for most classes outside of the classroom
Paul Awosoga | Weekend MBA Student:  Hi - It depends on the course but it could range from 2 - 8 hours depending on the course. On average, I'd say ~4 hours per course.  It also varies with weeks in which assignments/ Mid-terms/ Finals are due.

Chat Participant
: Any difference between the evening and weekend program beyond class schedule? Related question, how is a student assigned to a class when the class is oversubscribed, is it based on the program students are in?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: There are not any differences between the evening and weekend program besides the timing of the class. As for class registration, we use a bidding system to determine which classes students will take. This process requires some strategy and your academic advisor can help you create the best strategy to take the classes you want to take

Chat Participant: For the Weekend and Evening MBA classes, how much class time is typically on campus versus remote? I live in the suburbs and want to gauge how often I would need to travel downtown for classes.
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: Due to the ongoing pandemic, Evening and Weekend students have the choice to enroll in courses in a 100% in-person format, 100% remote, or hybrid (choice to attend in-person or remote). When we can generally say the pandemic is behind us, we expect the majority of the curriculum to return to in-person instruction. We operate on a quarter system, where our quarters are 10 weeks long with breaks in between. An individual course meets at the same time each week for 3 hours.

Chat Participant: how many credit hours needed to complete MBA?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: In order to complete the MBA, students must complete 20 courses!

Chat Participant: Can you tell me how is CBF different from the regular MBA course structure wise?
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: There are no differences in the structure between CBF and the general Evening/Weekend programs. CBF students are still considered Evening MBA or Weekend MBA students, so they have the same degree requirements and access to courses and resources. CBF students are invited to participate in optional programming focused on professional development and networking skills – beneficial topics for our early career candidates.

Chat Participant: If we are in the weekend program but there is a class that is only offered on weeknights or as part of the full time program, would we still be able to enroll in it?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! Yes, students are able to enroll in courses across programs.

Chat Participant: Down the line, I want to be an Entrepreneur - Are there any Entrepreneurship related offerings in the weekend MBA program?
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions: Absolutely! I encourage you to use our course search tool to review entrepreneurship courses in the Weekend MBA https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/pub/coursesearch/coursesearch. I also recommend checking out our Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which offers many resources and events for our weekend students https://polsky.uchicago.edu

Chat Participant: Hi there. Is the weekend MBA cohort structured? Is there any flexibility for delaying a semester or two once enrolled, for whatever reason?
Stephanie Gunn | Director of Admissions: We do not have a co-hort model. We are arguably the most flexible MBA Program, which means that out students paths look very different (like a choose your own adventure story). The way in which you pace yourself, and what classes you take will vary from your peers. Our students come in at one entry point and then go off into whatever direction suits them and their needs. We offer 4 intakes a year and so we want people to apply to the quarter in which, if offered admission, they are confidently able to start the program. If someone is admitted and a situation should arise, which prevents them from starting in that quarter, they can request a deferral. Deferrals are not guaranteed and evaluated on a case by case basis. Now, once you are a student then yes it is very easy to take quarters off as needed. You have 5 years to complete the degree so you can certainly take some quarters off once you are in the program.

Chat Participant: Hello, is there a difference in course sequence depending which semester you begin?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! There is not. At Booth, we do not have a lock-step cohorted curriculum; rather, you have a tremendous amount of flexibility regarding what classes you take and when you take them. You can learn more about our curriculum by clicking this link: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/academics/curriculum

Chat Participant: During my research, I found that Booth offers MBA concentrations for all students (FT and PT). Otherwise, as mentioned in the QA, it is a “choose your own adventure”. Does Booth offer academic counseling for students to forge the best "custom" MBA for long term career vision?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! Yes, once you are admitted you will work closely with academic advisors throughout your time at Booth!

Chat Participant: How many courses does the average weekend student take concurrently?
Stephanie Gunn | Director of Admissions: Our students typically take 2 courses per quarter and at that pace if they do not take any quarters off are on track to graduate in 2.5 years. The 2 classes for a Weekend student would more than likely take place on Saturday (AM and PM classes). However, you dictate the pace of your MBA so it is entirely up to you and could vary quarter by quarter.


Student Life & Career Services Questions

Chat Participant: Do evening/weekend MBA students receive the same job opportunities as a full time MBA students?
Patrick McHale | Associate Director of Admissions:  Evening/Weekend students have access to all career resources that Full-Time students do with the exception of internship recruiting. Career placements for Evening and Weekend students are similar to Full-Time students. However, there are some career paths, such as investment banking and so on, that value experience in the given field prior to enrollment in the MBA program. If you would like to connect with our team and discuss your career aspirations, please follow up with us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu

Chat Participant: One of the biggest benefits of attending business school is the ability to make connections and grow a professional network. How does this experience in the nights/weekends program compare to a full-time? Are the same events open to all MBA students? Are there recruiting sessions, etc for nights/weekends students similar to the full-time process?
Skyler Adams | Associate Director of Admissions: Hello! You will still have opportunities to network with both part-time and full-time students in the Part-Time MBA program. Many events are open to all students, and we also hold special networking events specifically for PT students. You can still take part in recruiting as a part-time student, and will have access to career services. The one difference is that we do not assist with internship placement for part-time students, as the expectation is you will remain fully employed. I hope this helps!

Chat Participant: Hi, I have a question regarding the career services. Will the weekend MBA students have access to the same career service resource as the full-time MBA students do?
Bobby Ganzer | Assistant Director of Admissions: Yes! Evening and Weekend students have access to the same group of resources within career services as Full-Time students do. The only difference is Evening/Weekend students are not able to utilize on campus recruiting for internships specifically as that is reserved for Full-Time. Otherwise, all other resources are available!

Chat Participant: What steps does the program take to ensure the evening and weekend MBA classes develop their own communities and don't feel disconnected from the rest of the school?
Paul Awosoga | Weekend MBA Student:  There are various networking events organized by the program and Student Advisory Council held all year-round to ensure that students don't feel disconnected. In addition, there are various Booth Groups specific to Evening and Weekend MBA students that allow students to connect. Students in certain cities have also coordinated events for Boothies to meet and greet. You can get more information on the groups here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/mba/part-time/student-experience/groups

Chat Participant: Hi everyone, thanks for this. Paul- could you share a little bit about your experience as a Weekend student? Would be interested to know why you chose W over E, and why you chose part-time over full-time even though you were looking to make a career change. I'm considering the same so would love to know your experience/perspective
Paul Awosoga | Weekend MBA Student:  I chose W over E primarily because I live outside of Chicago. Also, I chose Part-time over full-time because of the flexibility to work while obtaining the MBA and family commitments.  I've been pleasantly surprised with how Booth has really helped me achieve this. I think the on-campus recruiting for part-time MBA students is really great. A number of students in my program were also successful in switching careers as well.