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COVID-19 Questions:

Chat Participant:  How is the situation looking like to reopen in-person classes in Fall? Any updates on this? If in-person classes open up, would it affect the class size or classes available to choose for that cohort?

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions: The plan for the fall as of now is to have classes in person, with options for certain classes online as well. We are still working through logistics, and do not anticipate 100% of students to take classes in person. However, we plan to move toward many students taking classes in person, and plan to continue to operate under suggested healthcare protocols while on campus. This should not impact your ability to select classes, and we understand potential apprehension of weekend students commuting to Chicago which is why we will continue to have a fair amount of classes virtual.

Admissions Questions:

Chat Participant: How specific should I be in the essay questions?

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions: You should be as specific as possible, and answer the question fully while providing examples where appropriate to illustrate your point. This is a chance to dig deep into your background and skill-set, so try to provide us with new information.


Chat Participant: Should the 250 word motivations and goals questions be in essay format?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: Great question! It does not need to be in paragraph format. Your responses may only need a few sentences, but we also want to give applicants the opportunity to expand on their goals if needed.


Chat Participant: For a weekend MBA program, what is the complete admission process? I'm preparing for my GMAT and I would like to apply once I get my GMAT score.

Kayla Anderson | Office Manager: You can learn more on how to apply to the Weekend program here:


Chat Participant: What is the interview process?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: After submitting a completed application, applicants will be notified within 10 days if they are invited to interview by email. If invited, the applicant will soon hear from a member of the admissions committee (students and alumni) to arrange a time to interview virtually. The interview will typically be 45-60 minutes. Only one interview is required and the admissions team will complete the final review of the application after we receive the interview feedback.


Chat Participant: I'm in the US on a work visa from past few years, what are my options and chances of scholarships for a weekend MBA program?

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions: We assess every admitted student for potential for scholarships based on their academic ability and professional experience. Our scholarships are competitive, and there are a number of factors that play a role in that decision including the strength of the applicant pool in that particular quarter.


Chat Participant: Looking ahead at application deadlines, after the September deadline will there be an admission period for the spring quarter of 2022, or would summer of 2022 be the next starting point?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: After the September deadline, there will be a deadline in January for Spring 2022! We have entries for our Evening and Weekend program for each quarter.


Chat Participant: If you apply for Weekend MBA, but your job permits you to relocate to Chicago, could you switch to the Evening MBA program if that opportunity is more suitable?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: Yes! You could either take coursework in the Evening program as a Weekend student or you could make a formal transfer to the Evening program if it suits you!


Chat Participant: Hi, should the "hobby and area of interests" question be in essay format and is there an ideal word count for this question? Thank you!

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: We do not have a format preference for this section. You can even list out your hobbies and areas of interest in list form, if that is easiest!


Chat Participant: Hi, what level of merit support is available for Evening and Weekend students (what is the range for merit awards)? Are there any other sources of Booth funding for E&W students?

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: You can find out more about financial aid and scholarship on this page of our website! With regards to scholarships specifically, admitted students are automatically considered for scholarships and there is no separate application process. These scholarships are competitive and vary in amount based on the applicant pool and availability of funds. Additionally, we don't have an average amount as the range does differ quarter to quarter. In terms of other opportunities, students manage the cost through a combination of resources. Some have varying levels of funding from their companies that they rely on when deciding to attend the program part-time and continue working. Others rely on loans (federal or private) and then the limited number of merit-based scholarships.


Chat Participant: If an applicant has 12 years of work experience (which would fall outside the middle 80% range) should that be addressed in some manner in the essays?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: Definitely not necessary to address it! We see a wide range of work experience. I would say just generally be prepared to address why an MBA is right for you in your essays and an interview!


Chat Participant: If accepted to start courses in fall quarter, could I defer my start until January?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: Deferral requests are handled case-by-case after one is admitted to the program. If the deferral is approved, it is typically only permissible to defer by only one quarter. In the scenario you mentioned, this could technically be possible. However, deferral request approvals are typically intended for those with extreme/unexpected changes to their work or personal life since the time they submitted their application. If you have any other questions about this, please feel free to email us at


Chat Participant: I have less than a year of full-time experience (10.5 months) after graduation. Should I gain more experience before applying to Weekend/ Evening MBA course?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: We see a wide range of work experience- anywhere from 1-15 years or so. We encourage you to apply for your MBA when you feel the time is right for you- and to be able to speak to why in your essays and interview. We do have a program for candidates earlier in their careers called the Chicago Business Fellows program. I'd highly recommend you look into it! Find out more info here:


Chat Participant: Weekend program starts on every quarter. So how about the application deadline?

Sarah Palomo | Associate Director, Admissions: Yes, weekend MBA program does start every quarter. You can see all of our application deadlines here:


Chat Participant: How is the evaluation process different for those who apply to the Chicago fellows program compared to those who do not?

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions: The evaluation process is the same for those applying to the Chicago Business Fellows as is with the traditional Evening and Weekend MBA program. You will not be compared to those who are applying to the traditional part-time program however what we look for from you as a candidate will be the same. Since you have three years or less of experience we will lean more heavily on the other components of the application in getting a sense of your candidacy.


Chat Participant: I have around 6 years of full-time experience from 2 different jobs, but prior to that I had multiple internships and part-time jobs. Would you recommend I show internships/part-time jobs in the "Activity" section so that my professional resume could stay 1 page? Thank you.

Marcus Wordlaw | Associate Director, Admissions: I would recommend adding that experience to your resume as well -- assuming you believe this experience is important and significant to your growth. Your resume can be two pages long so adding that information would not be an issue.


Chat Participant: Are there any accelerated options for part time students who have undergraduate business degrees?

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: We do not offer an accelerated program. All students, regardless of background or prior coursework taken are required to complete 20 courses in order to graduate. However, with the flexibility of our curriculum students are never repeating coursework they've previously taken and they continue to build on pre-existing knowledge. Evening and Weekend students tend to take 2 classes per quarter and on average complete the degree in 2.5 years. However, you can dictate your pace and graduate in less time if you take 3 classes per quarter. Fair warning - that is considered a fairly heavy load for working professionals.


Chat Participant: For those of us with a non-traditional background, i.e. coming from nonprofit/arts sector, what you would you recommend we be sure to emphasize in our application?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: We love to see individuals with all sorts of different backgrounds! We would just encourage you to make sure you address why the MBA is right for you.


Chat Participant: For the weekend program, can you start any quarter? Or is just a fall and or/spring start?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: You can begin any quarter!


Chat Participant: Hello, what can this MBA program bring to the applicants who are current in other fields, i.e. chemistry, math, and wanted to transfer into Finance/consulting industry.

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: Great question! We often see applicants and incoming students come from more scientific and technical fields with no previous management training. The Booth MBA will help these students continue to build on their analytical skills, broaden their perspectives on leadership as well as diversity and inclusion, and help take their career and management skills to the next level and drive decisions for their organizations.


Chat Participant: I haven’t decided on full time or part time admissions. If I want to consider both, will one application work for both or are the applications different?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: We want you to do the self-reflection about which program is right for you, so you do have to pick a program. We encourage you to attend events from both programs as you make your decision!

Testing Questions:

Chat Participant: My GMAT score is 680. Are there other ways to make up for the low GMAT score in other areas of the application? Which portion is most important?

Stephanie Gunn | Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions: We do not have a minimum GMAT score.  We definitely look at the entire application, but a strong GMAT is helpful. We have a holistic review and look at academics ability, professional background, professional accomplishments, career goals with an MBA, and interests/community involvement outside of work. In short, we are looking for well-rounded individuals who have a high level of intellectual curiosity. Your reported GMAT score is within our range and right at the average so keep that in mind as well.


Chat Participant: What is the requirement for executive MBA admissions? IS there any waiver for GMAT for executive MBA? What is executive assessment and is it replacing GMA?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: You can see the Executive MBA requirements for admission here!


Chat Participant: Hi Booth admission staff, are GMAT online scores weighted differently than the traditional GMAT test scores in the admission consideration process?

Sarah Palomo | Associate Director, Admissions: Great questions. GMAT online scores are not weighted differently than the in-person GMAT option. We accept both!


Chat Participant: What is a good Executive Assessment score at Booth?

Kayla Anderson | Office Manager: The average EA score for the Autumn 2020 students was a 153. I would try to obtain a score close to that number!


Academic Questions:

Chat Participant: Hello there, for evening MBA, how many class per week? And how long will it take to complete MBA?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: Hello! Most students take 2 classes a week on average, though it is pretty flexible and you can take anywhere between 1-3. Most students complete the program in an average of 2.5 years.


Chat Participant: What level of access do Evening students get to the U of C Hyde Park campus?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: From what I have heard from Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, access to the Harper Center (where full-time students primarily take classes) is available when the building is open. Access to libraries should look similar as well. I believe the recreational centers are optional and require a fee from interested part-time students.


Chat Participant: Are part time students able to be part of the PE/VC lab?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: Yes, the PE/VC lab is periodically offered for our part-time students!


Chat Participant: As someone looking at relocating to Chicago to join a new venture later this year or early 2022 (COVID has adjusted the start-up's timeline), can someone please explain how the Graduate Student-at-Large (GSALB) program works for those interested in learning about a Booth MBA prior to applying -- and how that might funnel into a more official program for the Part-Time/Weekend MBA?  Thank you.

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: Taking a class through the GSALB program is an opportunity to try a Booth class as an enrolled graduate student at large and receive course credit. Up to 3 Booth classes taken through the GSALB program apply towards degree requirements if one chooses to apply and enroll in Booth's MBA program. While this is an opportunity to consider, most applicants will focus on completing application requirements and start at Booth to take their first classes.


Chat Participant: As an evening student, are you able to take courses on campus? Or are all the course offerings at the Gleacher Center downtown?

Amber Agarwal | Current MBA Student: Yeah, all evening weekend classes are held at the Gleacher Center, downtown. Currently Booth is offering dual modality for some of the classes due to the pandemic. However, there are plans in place to go back in person by Fall.


Chat Participant: What are the class times for the weekend program? Can students take morning/evening classes if it fits with their schedule?

Amber Agarwal | Current MBA Student: Typically, the home program classes for weekend students are Fridays 6-9pm CT, Saturday 9-12pm & 1:30-4:30pm CT. However, you would be able to attend any class in the home program section - from evening or Full Time sections. The classes typically starts from 8:30 in the morning till 9 pm in the night, with sufficient breaks and 3 hours long.


Chat Participant: Is it possible to take a weekend MBA class while being part of the Evening MBA program?

Amber Agarwal | Current MBA Student: Most definitely! As a Booth student, you will be able to choose from evening / weekend / Full Time sections.


Chat Participant: If you apply to the Weekend MBA, but are later able to relocate to the Chicago area, could you take Evening classes?

Andrea Calderon | Associate Director, Admissions: You can make a transfer to the Evening program if you'd like. Or as a Weekend student, you also have the flexibility to take Evening coursework. Thanks!


Chat Participant: How much time on average should a student anticipate spending on coursework outside of the classroom each week?

Amber Agarwal | Current MBA Student: It really depends on how much time you "will have to" spend outside the class, on a number of factors. Some of them are - are you already familiar with the subject matter (may be from your work, undergrad), whether the course is qualitative or quantitative, or how much you as an individual wants to get out of it. Typically I'd say 2hrs - 8hrs is the range per course for self study / readings / HW. Upcon enrollment, you will have access to Course Evaluations which will highlight the average number of hours for a particular course so you can choose them accordingly.


Chat Participant: What are some of the resources available related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) at Booth? Are there certain classes one can take related to ESG?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: There are a handful of classes that very likely touch on at least one of these areas. I recommend checking out our course search tool to look through what classes potentially align with your interests. I also recommend taking a look at our Rustandy Center for Social Innovation. These co-curricular research center will bring various members of the Booth community to make an impact in spaces that intersect ESG.

Student Life/Career Service Questions:

Chat Participant: After completion of my Weekend MBA, what if I don't want to stay with my current employer? Will Booth School provide us career services for weekend MBA programs?

Kayla Anderson | Office Manager: Booth largely allocates its career services resources across its programs. One main exception is that only Full-Time students are able to access internship recruiting. Otherwise, resources are the same! We do not secure roles for our students, but our career services team has a full suite of offerings you can take advantage of- such as 1-1 coaching, small group workshops, interactive sessions, alumni advisors, research terminals, resume database, etc. They are there to really help you with your job search every step of the way!


Chat Participant: What is the average CTC someone with Booth Weekend MBA degree can expect from the companies after completion of MBA, based on the data from previous graduates?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: The best place to explore this data can be found here: You will be able to sort through salary data by function and industry. There are other helpful career data point to explore through the link as well!


Chat Participant: For social/student clubs, are they broken out into part-time and full-time students? Or are the same clubs available to all the different Booth programs?

Amber Agarwal | Current MBA Student: Evening / weekend students have their own Student Body organization called as SAC (Student Advisory Council). Also E/W members have their own set of clubs offerings, similar to FT students.


Chat Participant: Do part time students have the same recruiting access as full time students?

Patrick McHale | Associate Director, Admissions: Access to on-campus recruiting for full-time positions looks the same for part-time and full-time students. Most recruiting/interview events will take place during the daytime at the Full-Time MBA campus in Hyde Park. Every year, we see part-time students participate in this resource and successfully make a career change. Recruiting for internships are only available to Full-Time MBA students.