Coronavirus Updates

Alumni Relations is responsible for a number of programs. While all of our programs will be virtual this quarter, the benefit is that we can engage alumni who might not have been able to get involved in the past, since they are not physically located in Chicago or able to visit the Windy City. 

Chicago Booth has a wealth of dedicated alumni looking to connect with students. Their stories can be invaluable for new Boothies to hear, as they were once students and understand the resilience, tenacity, and passion it takes to receive your MBA. Our goal is to find opportunities for these alumni to tell their stories and connect with current students. Below is a taste of some virtual programming we work on.

Virtual Alumni Breakfast Series: This series provides an intimate and comfortable setting where Chicago Booth alumni from a wide variety of fields share their career and life experiences with students of all programs. Alumni provide valuable advice to help shape students' career paths and optimize their experience at Chicago Booth. 

Booth BASH: These virtual sessions were offered in the summer and will be offered again in the winter. BASH is a meet-and-greet with alumni leaders in various cities around the world. Learn what it takes to build a successful community and run an alumni organization.

Booth Family Dinners: We run 12 of these during the Winter and Spring Quarters. Whether these are done virtually or occur in-person, each dinner is hosted by two to three alumni and attended by four students per alumnus. We ensure they are held on both weekday and weekend evenings so all students, regardless of program, can attend. These get-togethers are a great way for students to meet each other, connect with alumni, and interact over dinner in a purely social, no pressure, and informal setting.

Booth 20/20: Students spend the day engaged in insightful conversations with alumni in a wide variety of industries and professional backgrounds. Alumni share stories about their Booth experience, offer advice, and talk about their life post-Booth. Booth 20/20 occurs annually in April. While we are still navigating through this virtual environment, this is a tentpole program we hope to deliver in-person or evolve into a virtual setting.

Over the course of the year, as a student, you will continue to have the opportunity to interact with alumni in many additional ways. The team collaborates with other offices and centers, such as the Leadership Development Office, Student Life, Career Services, Admissions, and the Kilts Center, to further explore ways we can connect students with alumni. The above programs just scratch the surface of what we strive to do. From sitting in on industry panels, to providing coaching or mentoring guidance, to offering interview preparation, alumni continue returning to campus to generously share their time and wisdom. We hope you enjoy our programming and look forward to meeting you virtually this year