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Life at Booth

Research staff build invaluable and collaborative relationships with Chicago Booth faculty and fellow RPs and PRs by engaging in UChicago’s rigorous intellectual environment. While at Chicago Booth, research staff hone their research skillset and engage in a bevy of programs—from a coding workshop to writing seminar—that prepares them to undertake independent research.

In addition to faculty research workshops and staff development sessions, Chicago Booth research staff have the opportunity to attend workshops tailored to research staff throughout the academic year. Such workshops include:

  • A three-day coding workshop covering best practices related to version control and code documentation.
  • An academic writing workshop tailored to economics and covering key points in developing compelling arguments and convincing others.
  • A workshop where current RPs and PRs present their own work and/or new techniques and best practices for tackling research.
  • Orientations to multiple research resources at Booth and the larger university, including the library and Booth’s/the Research Computing Center’s computing clusters.

Diversity at Booth
Chicago Booth research staff come from a wide array of locations, disciplines, and institutions and have diverse backgrounds and varied identities. We believe a diversity of perspective deepens intellectual pursuits, and we are dedicated to creating an environment where people of different backgrounds feel valued and where their ideas and contributions can flourish. We promise to remain vigilant and dedicated, ceaselessly working to identify and remove barriers to full participation.

As part of our commitment to diversity, a slate of workshops covering topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion are offered each academic year. These include sessions dedicated to understanding unconscious bias and bystander intervention as well as lunch-and-learns led by Chicago Booth faculty members.

As a part of the University’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, there are many campus-wide resources, events, and centers related to these topics, including:

Benefits and opportunities

As staff members of the University of Chicago, research staff receive a wide array of benefits. These include tuition reimbursement and continuing education opportunities, a competitive vacation and sick time package, healthcare, and perks and discounts throughout Hyde Park and Chicago.

The neighborhood

Many research staff choose to live near campus in Hyde Park, a unique and historic neighborhood along the shore of Lake Michigan. You can learn more about Hyde Park and its housing options here.