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Recruiting on campus is an efficient and effective way to hire for both full-time positions and internships. In one convenient location, you'll talk with highly-qualified candidates eager to interview with your company. For full-time positions, you will choose from more than 500 students in our Full-Time MBA Program, plus eligible students in our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. Our first-year Full-Time MBA students are candidates for summer internships.

Recruiting Process

Your expert Relationship Managers will guide you through each step of the recruiting process. Please refer to the recruiting calendar for a list of important dates and deadlines. To help you better manage your hiring process, please refer to Chicago Booth's recruiting policies.

Add a new on-campus recruiting request - On-Campus recruiting starts with the submission of an on-campus recruiting (OCR) request which indicates your interest in recruiting and allows you to request dates to hold interviews and corporate networking events. OCR requests are submitted through Global Talent Solutions (GTS).

Submit a job description - For on-campus interviews, you will need to enter your job description in GTS. This provides students with information such as application instructions and your work authorization preferences.

Build a company presence - Prior to interviewing, there are many things you can do to build a company presence and create interest in your company's opportunities.

Create invitation list - Once students have applied for your position, you will submit your invitation list in GTS.

Interview - Your interview schedule will contain the names of students who have accepted your invitation as well as those who have successfully bid to interview with your company.

Review employment reports - You may find it helpful to review statistics on new hire salaries, functions, industries, locations, and job sources for the previous year at Chicago Booth that are compiled in employment reports.

Make an offer - To balance the needs of both students and employers, Chicago Booth has established recruiting policies relating to job offers. We also ask that hiring companies provide a summary of all offers made so that they may be included in the next issue of our online employment report.

For other ways to engage with Chicago Booth, please contact Nancy Johnston, Director, Corporate Relations.