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Email4Life is a free email forwarding service available to all Chicago Booth alumni. Once you graduate, you can keep receiving messages to your Chicago Booth email address through Gmail.

You only need to setup your email forwarding service once. Provide the email address you want to forward your Booth emails to and we will automatically set up the forwarding service for you.

Your Email4Life Password

Chicago Booth made using Email4Life even easier by removing the requirement to periodically reset your password. Starting June 2012, users can keep their current password - no need to reset it* and no more expiration notices.

Forgot your password?

Assistance is available online for a forgotten password »  If you have any problems, please contact Booth IT at

Received a password expiration notice?

If you recently received a password expiration email you may disregard the notice. No action is required on your part.

Protecting your information

If you ever believe your account has been compromised, you should reset your password immediately.

Helpful Tip: Choose a different password for each of your accounts. This will help protect your information if one of your accounts is compromised.

Email4Life Quick Links Email Change Notification

Starting June 1, 2012, Chicago Booth was required to stop using the email domain by Educause - an organization that regulates higher education internet domain names. The email domain is no longer associated with Chicago Booth and has been permanently deactivated.

Under Educause rules, all higher education institutions - including Chicago Booth - are permitted only one domain name, unlike commercial internet domains like .com or .net. Read more about the higher education domain regulations » Email Users: How the Change Affects You

If you had been using your account as a forwarder:

If you already set up your email forwarding service and were using your email, you don't need to change anything. Chicago Booth has already setup a new email forwarder

For instance, if your email is, your new email forwarder will be

Helpful Steps

  1. Send an email informing your contacts of your new email address If you have a large contact list, you may wish to send a series of emails to avoid a bounce back.
  2. Update your new email on any websites that send regular emails to your account. Such sites might include LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other services to which you are subscribed to receive newsletters or updates.

If you had been using to send and receive messages:

If you had been using your email to send and receive messages, you will need to update your Gmail account settings to keep sending emails from your account.

Get instructions on how to send emails from your Chicago Booth account through Gmail » (PDF)

Accounts Not Affected

If you are using an email address that ends in, your email address was not affected by this change.


For technical questions about your Email4Life account, please contact:

Tel. 773.702.7414

For general questions about the changes to your email domain, please contact:

Alumni Affairs and Development
Tel. 866.557.1806

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