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“I remember vividly going through LEAD, and they said my leadership style would have to evolve as I went further in my career,” Faria says. “I believe that today the biggest asset that I have, and Chicago Booth gave me this, is the opportunity to be a people leader—an inspirational character, rather than just a person who has all the answers to a problem.”

At a time when globalization is top of mind for many, Faria has continued his company’s trajectory toward expanding in the global marketplace. After joining the Brazil-based corporation in 2013 and becoming CEO two years later, Faria saw BRF record revenues of $10 billion in 2015, with more than 50 percent of those revenues coming from outside of the country.

“Previous to Booth, I had no experience outside of Brazil,” Faria says. “I felt ambitious, and very curious. Spending time in Chicago, I had the opportunity to meet brilliant people from all over the world, and this really helped me gain a global perspective.”