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Miranda has taken on many roles in the public sector, finding synergies among the causes he supports to create even greater impact. He serves as chairman of both the Centre for Civil Society, a leading free-market think tank in India, and CORO, a grassroots leadership-development nonprofit. A cofounder of Take Charge, a mentoring program for Catholic youth in Mumbai, he is also chairman of ManipalCigna Health Insurance, a senior advisor at Morgan Stanley, a blogger for Forbes and Thrive Global, and an advisor for a wide variety of nonprofits in microentrepreneurship, gender equity, and education.

As an MBA student at Chicago Booth, Miranda was involved with the founding of LEAD, Booth’s hands-on leadership program—an experience that taught him to challenge the status quo and tackle difficult problems head-on. He helped found two highly successful and award-winning companies—HDFC Bank and IDFC Private Equity—and invested in the growth of Indian infrastructure before pivoting in 2010 to focus on capacity building in the social sector and his family. In support of his commitment to create purpose in his work, Miranda and his wife, Fiona, as signatories to #LivingMyPromise, have pledged to donate at least 50 percent of their wealth to charity.

An active supporter of Chicago Booth, Miranda helped kick off the school’s Alumni Leadership Learning Circles in India in 2019 and teaches in Booth’s Accelerated Development Program. He also serves as a trustee of the University of Chicago Trust in India, a member of the Advisory Council at the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation, and a member of Booth’s Global Leaders Group–Asia.

Looking back on his student years, Miranda says he’s thankful for lessons learned from faculty members such as Marvin Zonis and Harry Davis, who showed him that there is more to life than finance, and George Stigler and Gary Becker, who helped him understand the benefits of limited government and the role of incentives in his personal and professional pursuits.