A Transformative Marketing Curriculum

Analytics Education at BoothBooth’s distinctive educational philosophy—known as The Chicago Approach—sets us apart from all other business schools in the world. This multidisciplinary, empirical, and tough-minded framework teaches students how to evaluate and analyze any business problem in order to create an effective solution—no matter the company or industry.

Booth’s marketing curriculum grounds students in the core disciplines—economics, psychology, and statistics. From developing a fluency in the four tactical Ps to understanding consumer behavior, Booth students learn the scientific tools and analytical frameworks that are essential in today’s workplace, so that they can formulate effective strategies and make optimized business decisions.

Teaching the Chicago Approach
to Marketing

For students who are interested in formalizing their marketing MBA education through a marketing concentration, Booth provides a rigorous, well-rounded set of marketing courses taught by some of the world’s leading marketing professors.

Our expert faculty teach a wide variety of classes—from an innovative introduction to content marketing to training in data science. Many also regularly consult with some of the largest companies in the world, such as General Mills, Prudential, and Verizon.

Learn more about Booth’s marketing curriculum below.

The Marketing Strategy (BUS 37000 - password protected) course introduces students to substantive and functional aspects of marketing management, including the four tactical Ps: price, promotion, product, and place.

In Consumer Behavior (BUS 37101 - password protected), students learn that marketing begins and ends with the consumer, from understanding consumer needs to post-purchase satisfaction. Students study consumer psychology and its implications for both business and personal reasons.

Data-Driven Marketing (BUS 37103 - password protected) teaches students how to use ROI metrics to improve the profitability of marketing.

In Marketing Research Lab (BUS 37106 - password protected), students solve real-world growth challenges for their clients, while learning management consulting.

Students who take Digital and Algorithmic Marketing (BUS 37304 - password protected) learn how to use algorithmic tools to optimize a firm’s marketing investments.

Data Science for Marketing Decision-Making (BUS 37105 - password protected) trains students as data scientists who can analyze data and turn that knowledge into grounded decisions.

Lab in Developing New Products and Services (BUS 37201 - password protected) is an experiential learning course. Through company-sponsored, real-world innovation projects, students gain an in-depth understanding of current practices in new-product development, especially the development processes in the early, up-front stages of product development.

Pricing Strategies (BUS 37202 - password protected) blends marketing analytic frameworks, marketing strategy, microeconomic theory, and data to formulate actionable pricing strategies. Students learn how to coordinate pricing decisions with the rest of the marketing value proposition.

Going to Market: Managing Channel Strategy (BUS 37205 - password protected) teaches students how to develop a general framework for channel management that can be applied to both the initial channel design and its active management.

Digital Marketing (BUS 37301 - password protected) exposes students to a variety of digital-marketing techniques, teaching them how to use content marketing, advertising, search, apps, games, social media, digital wallets and payments, loyalty programs, and location-based and omni-channel marketing.

Marketing Course

Bringing Science and ‘Art’ to Bear

At Booth, we teach both the science and the art of marketing. Courses such as Data-Driven Marketing (BUS 37103 - password protected) teach students how to implement marketing decisions based on statistical analysis of big data, while other courses, such as Consumer Behavior (BUS 37101 - password protected), show students the value of considering the psychological processes and biases underlying consumer behavior when creating marketing and business strategies.

Marketing Labs

Experiential-Learning Opportunities

One of the advantages of studying marketing as an MBA student at Booth is that you can gain practical business experiences. The Kilts Center leverages our connections in the business world and among Booth alumni to support experiential-learning opportunities for students. Marketing Research Lab and Lab in Developing New Products and Services are immersive, highly participatory classes that bring MBA students together with real clients seeking solutions to problems they face in their business.

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Building Core Business Competency

Every MBA student at Booth has a different career goal. That’s why we provide the opportunity to enhance the MBA experience by concentrating in a specific area of business. Full-Time MBA, Weekend MBA, and Evening MBA students can earn a variety of concentrations, including Marketing Management.

Kilts Faculty

Learn from the Best

We support Booth’s world-class marketing faculty as they apply The Chicago Approach to marketing in their research, which is yielding groundbreaking insights in marketing and all core business disciplines.

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Executive Education at Chicago Booth

Education for Working Professionals

Booth’s Executive Education courses give leaders the confidence to meet the challenges of today’s evolving business landscape. Our marketing courses provide working professionals with fresh insights they can use in their work. The same faculty who teach our MBA and PhD students teach Executive Education courses.

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Pradeep Chintagunta

Reaching a New Breed of Consumer

Pradeep Chintagunta, Joseph T. and Bernice S. Lewis Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing, makes it a point to teach marketing across every academic program at Booth—from MBA students to Executive Education participants. Hear more about his approach to teaching marketing in his course Digital Marketing for Executives.

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