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Throughout the academic year, the Kent A. Clark Center for Global Markets hosts forums, conferences, lectures, and other events to engage policymakers and international business leaders on major issues facing the global economy.


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2024 Marshall Forum

June 2024  |  Chicago

The program considers strategic and economic issues impacting the future of transatlantic cooperation, peace, and security. The 2024 Marshall Forum will specifically focus on the role of global markets, monetary policy, and innovation. 

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MAY 23, 2008
Political Economy in the Chicago Area

MAY 9–10, 2008
The Journal of Accounting Research Conference

FEBRUARY 29, 2008
2008 US Monetary Policy Forum

FEBRUARY 14, 2008
Global Business and Politics (London)

NOVEMBER 9–10, 2007
The Emergence of Social Organization: What Are We Missing?