US Monetary Forum

Events and Forums

Throughout the academic year, the Initiative on Global Markets hosts forums, conferences, lectures, and other events to engage policymakers and international business leaders on major issues facing the global economy.



US Monetary Policy Form

This annual conference brings together scholars, market economists, and policymakers to discuss US monetary policy. Each year, the conference focuses on a different critical issue confronting the Federal Open Market Committee.

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Role of Economists

The Role of Economics and Economists in Public Policy and Public Debate

This conference will examine how economists engage with different groups of people. The topics will include sessions on how they influence public policy and public opinion, teaching approaches, evidence-based policy-making, the debate over the causes and consequences of inequality and an analysis of the responses to the experts panels run by the Initiative on Global Markets.

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MAY 23, 2008
Political Economy in the Chicago Area

MAY 9–10, 2008
The Journal of Accounting Research Conference

FEBRUARY 29, 2008
2008 US Monetary Policy Forum

FEBRUARY 14, 2008
Global Business and Politics (London)

NOVEMBER 9–10, 2007
The Emergence of Social Organization: What Are We Missing?