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Volume 53, Issue 1

Lawrence D. Brown, Andrew C. Call, Michael B. Clement and Nathan Y. Sharp, "Inside the "Black Box" of Sell-Side Financial Analysts" (online appendix)

Yinghua Li and Liandong Zhang, "Short Selling Pressure, Stock Price Behavior, and Management Forecast Precision: Evidence from a Natural Experiment" (online appendix)

Jonathan Milian, "Unsophisticated Arbitrageurs and Market Efficiency: Overreacting to a History of Underreaction?" (online appendix)

Volume 53, Issue 2

Nerissa C. Brown, Han Stice and Roger M. White, "Mobile communication and local trading activity: Evidence from distracted driving laws" (online appendix)

Lili Dai, Jerry T. Parwada, Bohui Zhang, "The Governance Role of the Media Through News Dissemination: Evidence from Insider Trading" (online appendix)

Lian Fen Lee, Amy Hutton and Susan Shu, "The Role of Social Media in the Capital Market: Evidence from Consumer Product Recalls" (online appendix)

Joseph D. Piotroski, T.J. Wong, and Tianyu Zhang, "Political Incentives to Suppress Negative Information: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms" (online appendix)

Volume 53, Issue 3

Timothy B. Bell, Monika Causholli, and W. Robert Knechel, "Audit Term Tenure, Non-Audit Services and Internal Investments on Audit Quality" (online appendix)

Vivian W. Fang, Mark Maffett, and Bohui Zhang, "Foreign Institutional Ownership and the Global Convergence of Financial Reporting Practices" (online appendix)

Volume 53, Issue 4

Cho, Young Jun. "Segment Disclosure Transparency and Internal Capital Market Efficiency: Evidence from SFAS No. 131" (online appendix)

Kelvin K. F. Law and Lillian Mills, "Taxes and Financial Constraints: Evidence from Linguistic Cues" (online appendix)

Edward XueJun Li, K. Ramesh, Min Shen, and JoAnna Shuang Wu, "Do Analyst Stock Recommendations Piggyback on Recent Corporate News? An Analysis of Regular-Hour and After-Hour Revisions" (online appendix)

Volume 53, Issue 5

Ray Ball, Xi Li, and Laskshmanan Shivakumar, "Contractibility and Transparency of Financial Statement Information Prepared Under IFRS: Evidence from Debt Contracts Around IFRS Adoption" (online appendix)

Eddy Cardineals and Huaxiang Yin, "Think Twice before Going for Incentives: Social Norms and the Principal's Decision on Compensation Contracts" (online appendix)

Shuping Chen, Bin Miao, and Terry Shevlin, "A New Measure of Disclosure Quality: The Level of Disaggregation of Accounting Data in Annual Reports" (online appendix)

Michael Willenborg, Biyu Wu, and Yanhua Sunny Yang, "Issuer Operating Performance and Ipo Price Formation" (online appendix)