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The Chicago Booth classroom experience is unlike any other. As a student, you will be in the midst of colleagues from all walks of life, engaged in vigorous debate, called on to voice your opinion, and collaborate with peers to determine which ideas stand up to the rigor of intellectual inquiry.

Class Visits for the Spring 2019 quarter will run from Monday, April 8 through Saturday, June 8. Courses available for a visit are grouped below by academic area. Click on the faculty name or course title to learn more about each Booth faculty and course offered.

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Class Times

Monday - Friday: 6-9 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m.-Noon or 1:30-4:30 p.m

Available Classes

Academic Area Faculty Course Title Meeting Day(s)
Accounting Kleymenova, Anya
Financial Accounting Friday Saturday A.M. Saturday P.M.

Christensen, Hans Accounting and Financial Analysis I Tuesday

Maffett, Mark
Accounting, Economic, and Regulatory Issues in Complex Deals Tuesday

Smith, Abbie
Financial Statement Analysis Tuesday Saturday P.M.

Leuz, Christian
Advanced Financial Analysis and Valuation for Global Firms Wednesday
Entrepreneurship Bunch, Gregory
New Venture Strategy

Meadow, Scott
Commercializing Innovation: Tools to Research and Analyze Private Enterprises
Saturday A.M.

Alter, Michael
Entrepreneurial Selling
Finance Pagliari, Joseph Real Estate Investments II Thursday

Weber, Michael Investments Saturday A.M.

Pastor, Lubos Portfolio Management Friday

Veronesi, Pietro Advanced Models of Option Pricing and Credit Risk Saturday P.M.

Kempf, Elisabeth Corporation Finance Monday
Macro/International Business Kroszner, Randall
Money and Banking
Managerial and Organizational Behavior Gandhi, Linnea Managerial Decision Making Wednesday

Nussbaum, A. Power and Influence in Organizations Wednesday

Ginzel, Linda Elena Zinchenko  Strategies and Processes of Negotiation Wednesday Saturday P.M.
Marketing Management Dietvorst, Berkeley Marketing Strategy Friday Saturday P.M.

Urminsky, Oleg Experimental Marketing Saturday P.M.
Microeconomics Bertrand, Marianne The Firm and the Non-Market Environment Thursday

McClellan, Andrew Microeconomics Wednesday Saturday A.M.
Operations Management Gupta, Varun Sandikçi, Burhaneddin
Managerial Decision Modeling Thursday Friday Saturday A.M.

Xin, Linwei
Operations Management: Business Process Fundamentals Wednesday

Ryan, Christopher
Managing Service Operations Wednesday
Organizations and Markets Chu, Johan Strategy and Structure: Markets and Organizations Monday

Bergemann, Patrick Strategic Leadership in Management Networks Thursday
Statistics Kaji, Tetsuya
Business Statistics
Friday Saturday P.M.
Strategic Management Kamenica, Emir Game Theory Friday Saturday A.M.

Rolnik, Guy Storytelling and Narratives in Business Thursday Saturday P.M.