Taking Courses at Booth

Graham School Student Registration


Winter quarter MBA-level Booth courses begin on Monday, January 7, 2019.

  • Attend the first session of any Booth course you hope to enroll in, even if your registration isn’t confirmed.
  • Review the Seat Availability report to see if a course is closed, or to estimate your chances of successfully enrolling in a course.
  • Waitlists are not created for Booth courses and seats are not added to full courses.

  • Check for any strict prerequisites or enrollment restrictions before submitting your registration request.

  • Being added to a course's Canvas site does not constitute registration in a course. Only the Booth Registrar's office can enroll you in a Booth course.


  • Use the Registration Request Form link (below) to submit your enrollment request.
  • Requests are processed in the order in which they are received, so to increase your chance of getting into a class, fill out the Request Form as soon as possible after the link goes live.
  • Because of the timing of enrollment for Booth students, non-Booth enrollment requests are not processed until the start of Week 1 of the quarter.
  • Once you complete the Request Form, a copy will be automatically emailed to you as a record of your request.
  • If you change your mind after submitting your request, fill out the poll again with a new request.
  • Requests will be processed in timestamp order and your results will be emailed to you by the Booth Registrar's Office starting in Week 1 of the quarter.
  • The day after receiving a confirmation email from the Booth Registrar's Office, you can view your successful enrollment(s) in my.UChicago and access course materials on Canvas .


Winter Quarter

  • The first opportunity to log a registration request is during Round 1, which opens Thursday 12/20 at 10am.
  • Round 1 requests are processed in time-stamp order on Monday 1/7. Results are emailed by 4:30pm that day.
  • Round 2 opens Tuesday 1/8 at 5pm. Requests are processed daily and results are emailed by 4:30pm.
  • In Round 1 you may indicate a preference for up to 3 courses with 1 alternate section per course.
  • In Round 2 you may request enrollment in 1 new course, or to swap one course for another.

Registration Request

Winter Quarter Graham School Online Request Schedule

NOTE: To request enrollment in Artificial Intelligence, students need to fill out a separate request form. Professor Mullainathan will review the applications and select students to fill the 6 seats available to non-Booth students. The request form will remain open until December 28th at 5:00pm. Students will be emailed on Friday, January 4 by 5:00pm with the results.



Requests Processed

Results Emailed

Request Enrollment

Thursday, 12/20 at 10am - Monday, 1/7 at 8am

Monday, 1/7

Monday, 1/7 by 2:00pm

Request to Add or Swap

Tuesday, 1/8 at 5pm - Monday, 1/14 at 8am

Every Business Day, 1/9-1/14

Every Business Day, 1/9-1/14


Monday, 1/7 at 5pm - Friday, 1/25 at 5pm

Every Business Day, 1/7-1/25

Every Business Day, 1/7-1/25