Taking Courses at Booth

Taking Courses at Booth


All current University of Chicago college, masters, and doctoral students are eligible to enroll in courses offered by The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Booth) within the guidelines set forth by Booth and the student's department/division. Tuition charges are based on the tuition policy and rate for your department or division.

If you are not a current University of Chicago student, enrollment is possible through the Graham School of General Studies. Booth alumni can take up 300 units tuition-free at any time after graduation. Click on the Post-Grad (Alumni) menu link at left.


Booth publishes its course schedule for the entire academic year each July. Consult the online course search tool to narrow down your choices.

Courses are offered on a space-available basis after Booth students have had first priority for registration. Booth students have priority for all Booth courses, so popular courses may be closed due to space limitations. Booth faculty are not authorized to add seats to closed course sections; students can only officially enroll into a Booth course by following the procedures outlined by the Booth Registrar's office. Being added to a Chalk or Canvas site does not constitute enrollment in a course.

Before You Register

Non-Booth students should consult with their department's registration contact person to determine the administrative implications of taking a Booth course. Use the navigation menu at left to find the registration contact for your department/division.

In some cases there may be an impact on your degree requirements, or you may not be able to enroll in a Booth course during the quarter you plan to graduate. 

    Strict Prerequisites or Instructor Consent

    Many Booth courses have prerequisites. Some are recommended and others are strictly enforced (these are noted as strict in the course descriptions in the Course Search tool. We also maintain a Strict Prereqs and Permissions List for easy reference). If you wish to take a class and have not fulfilled a strict prerequisite, you will need to ask for permission from the instructor.

    In other cases you may need the consent of the instructor to register as a Non-Booth student.

    Email the faculty member to request a waiver and permission to register. In your message, outline any relevant coursework or include a copy of your resume. Once you receive permission, forward the email to prereq@lists.chicagobooth.edu before the online registration period for non-Booth students ends.

    First Class Assignments

    Some Booth courses have an assignment due on the first day of class. The First Class Assignment list is updated quarterly.


    Students who have or expect to obtain a letter of accommodation from the University's Office of Student Disability Services should indicate this in their registration request poll and be prepared to present an accommodation letter after successful enrollment in a Booth course.

    Drops and Withdrawals

    Booth courses must be dropped by the Booth Registrar's Office. Using the self-service Drop function in My.Uchicago.edu will not result in a completed drop.

    Students intending to withdraw from a Booth course are responsible for notifying the Booth Registrar (BoothRegistrar@Lists.ChicagoBooth.edu) as well as the appropriate representative in their home department. Failure to do so can result in a failing grade.


    Course Materials Fee

    Each Booth course will incur a fee of $25 for cases, articles, and simulations that are delivered electronically through Chalk and Canvas, faculty course webpages, or hard-copy in class. This Booth Book Fee is in addition to any textbooks that may be required, and is non-refundable for courses dropped after Friday, week 2 of the quarter.

    Booth Student Policies and Honor Code

    In registering for a Chicago Booth course, Non-Booth students are subject to Booth academic policies, including the Standards of Scholarship and Professionalism and the Student Honor Code. Students are also subject to the regulations, policies, and procedures for Booth students, including but not limited to academic integrity and registration policies.