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Universidad Iberoamericana, Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA Program (matriculated 2012)

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Industrial Engineering



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SBSP helped me with the admissions process by showing me perfectly why I wanted my MBA from Booth. Thus, it was easier for me to communicate in my essays why I believed I was the right candidate and how Booth could help me achieve my future goals. I could easily refer to different resources, classes, and activities as I had firsthand experience from SBSP.
Study at Booth
After I came back to Mexico City from my SBSP experience, my family asked me to describe my experience in a few words. My answer: “It was truly like a mini MBA.” From teamwork case discussions and modules of the LEAD program to the feeling of being part of a collaborative culture with tomorrow’s global leaders, I realize how similar my SBSP experience was to being a student in the Full-Time MBA Program.
Exploring Chicago
I knew Chicago would be a great place for me to discover the American business world, particularly given the vast number of corporations that comprise Chicago’s business metropolis.

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