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Chariltha Isanaka

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Everyone here is down to earth and accessible. One of the challenges on a scavenger hunt organized by the SBSP staff was to get a picture with a Nobel Laureate. We ended up finding Lars Hansen and he was so willing to help us. I think this humility is unique to Chicago Booth.
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In our session, there are students from 20 different countries and 20 different states. I wondered how people from so many different backgrounds could work together. But we’ve kind of turned into a family that brings together not just diversity of culture but also of thought.
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In our Marketing and Innovation class, we worked in a team to ideate a product. One person would start by saying an idea out loud, and someone else would build on that idea with another idea, and so on. We didn’t know what our product was going to end up being, but everyone was able to get creative and be heard.

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