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The Chicago Approach

Inquiry. Insight. Impact.

These words describe the power and outcomes of The Chicago Approach™.

The Chicago Approach

The way we generate, refine, and apply ideas sets Chicago Booth apart from other business schools and distinguishes our alumni for the entirety of their professional lives.

The Booth difference is rooted in The Chicago Approach, characterized by a unique educational philosophy coupled with an equally unique culture that creates a transformational experience like no other.

Our Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that transformational ideas start with rigorous INQUIRY. You’ll learn to evaluate problems and opportunities through fundamental disciplines that underlie how organizations function, how markets work, and how people make decisions.

With this diverse array of analytical and behavioral tools, you’ll see things in new ways. This set of frameworks provides a variety of lenses that offer greater clarity and understanding, and an ability to see connections that transcend accepted wisdom.

Our Culture

Our community is intensely collaborative. At Booth, ideas compete and people collaborate. We have a culture where we value people who are curious. Whether presented by a classmate or a professor, every idea is examined with a belief in data over dogma. We prefer to let arguments stand and fall on their own merit. Ideas are authentically and rigorously tested and refined through honest and thoughtful discussion and discourse. There are no wrong questions, except the ones that go unasked.

This experience will take you deeper into an issue, broaden your perspective, and compel you to challenge assumptions. You will uncover new realities and INSIGHTS, crack open seemingly intractable challenges, and develop more valid and useful solutions.

Our Impact

The Chicago Approach becomes a signature of our alumni’s personal brands. It prepares you to face any business challenge, at any company, in any industry, and at any point in your career.

Chicago Booth alumni stand out for the incisiveness and clarity they bring to their leadership. They become valued colleagues and team members. They push conversations further and uncover unexpected opportunities. Booth alumni are comfortable when there is no formula to direct you and no path to follow. They are prepared to handle uncertainty, and are known for the power and authenticity of their ideas.

That is the IMPACT of The Chicago Approach.

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