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The University of Chicago Booth School of Business today announced the launch of the Chicago Booth Review Podcast, a new podcast that provides listeners with research-driven insights on business, policy, and markets from the world’s leading academic researchers.

The podcast is the audio companion to the Chicago Booth Review’s coverage of data-driven business insights. It shares groundbreaking research in a clear and straightforward way, and aims to expose listeners to concepts that will help them learn how to make better decisions, find ways to work smarter, and discover ideas to help improve their lives.

Each week the CBR Podcast will dig into CBR articles and videos to examine a different topic in depth, from the ethics of A.I. to the forces that move financial markets, with host and CBR editor-in-chief Hal Weitzman. The podcast launches with the following three episodes:

  • "Is the Price Right? Two Nobel Laureates Debate How Markets Work"
    Many economists view financial markets as efficient, but behavioral economists say that model simply doesn’t reflect how markets actually work. Chicago Booth’s Eugene F. Fama and Richard H. Thaler debate the question.
  • "What Can the 1930s Tell Us about the Coming Climate Migration?"
    How will climate migration affect our societies? Chicago Booth’s Richard Hornbeck turns to Dust Bowl–era data to help us understand an expected massive movement of people.
  • "Does the Gender Gap Begin at Home?"
    Women in the United States earn an average of about 82% of what men earn, and that gap has barely narrowed in the past 20 years. Research from Chicago Booth’s Marianne Bertrand and Rebecca Dizon-Ross and Harvard’s Claudia Goldin examines how forces outside the workplace affect inequalities in professional outcomes.

The Chicago Booth Review Podcast is available wherever podcasts are found. Subscribe and listen today:

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