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Chat Participant: Is the Civic Scholars program application also based on rolling admission, or is it for set quarters?

The Civic Scholars program has one intake per year, with incoming students starting in the Autumn quarter. The application deadline for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs for Civic Scholars candidates was on February 14th, 2020. Decisions will be made on March 19th, 2020. In between those dates, candidates will take part in an interview (by invitation only).

Chat Participant: For the GMAT, I was told by an admissions employee that if a prospective student takes the GMAT more than once you will focus on the students best Quant and best Verbal score, even if these are on separate GMAT exams. Is this accurate?

We will only review the quantitative and verbal score of the exam you scored the highest in.

Chat Participant: Do you have a tuition assistance program for Active Duty Military members that separates you from other universities?

Yes, Chicago Booth participates with the Yellow Ribbon Program. Yellow Ribbon awards are available to all veterans at Chicago Booth who qualify under the VA guidelines. Beginning Autumn Quarter 2018, Chicago Booth will offer up to $30,000 per year in Yellow Ribbon scholarship support and the VA will provide up to $30,000 in additional funding.

Chat Participant: What format is preferred for resume submission? ie pdf, word?

Candidates will typically submit them as pdf, but we do not have a preference.

Chat Participant: Does Chicago Booth have any preference for the font size on the resume in order to fit in 1 page?

We do not have a specific preference for font, so please use your judgment. You are welcome to go to two pages if necessary.

Chat Participant: I have an Engineering PhD from a US university, and Bachelor’s degree outside of the US. Do you need sealed transcripts from both institutions?

For domestic transcripts, please work with the institution to have them deliver you official transcript to us electronically or by mail. For international transcripts, please scan you on-hand materials and attach them to your application. If you are admitted, you can bring in your international documents. We will make notarized copies for our records and give you back the originals.

Chat Participant: Is the optional essay recommended?

Our optional essay is truly optional. Feel free to use it if there is any additional part of your profile you would like to further explain in your own words. If you do not believe this is necessary, please do not complete it.

Chat Participant: Can I transfer to weekend program from the evening program after one quarter?

Students need to be enrolled in the program for two quarters before requesting a transfer in between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.

Chat Participant: How detailed are you expecting the short term and long term goals? Can I use some common information between goals and essay 1?

We expect short-term and long-term goals to be clear and concise. We allow the candidate to determine the level of detail that best articulates their story and future goals

Chat Participant: I am more interested in the weekend program but since there is no weekend batch starting in Summer 2020. I am planning to apply in the evening MBA program since I do not want to delay starting for another 3 months. Can I transfer to the weekend program from the evening program after one quarter?

Students can request a one-time transfer between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. Before doing so, they must be enrolled in classes for two consecutive quarters

Chat Participant: Is there an opportunity to connect with former/current Chicago Business Fellows prior to submitting our application?

Absolutely, please reach out to eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and mention you would like to connect with students and alumni. If you would like, feel free to mention any particular professional backgrounds you would like to be connected with.

Chat Participant: The GMAT indicates it may be up to 20 days for schools receive the official score. I'm planning when to take my GMAT, so does Booth have any info on how long it generally takes to receive the official scores from GMAC?

We only require your self-reported, unofficial scores in order for you to submit your application. We only require the official score once candidates are admitted to the program.

Chat Participant: Are we able to submit more than two letters of recommendation?

Yes, feel free to use a third recommender if you believe he/she will add unique, additional perspectives about you. We encourage candidates to not use more than three recommenders.

Chat Participant: What is the next Civic Scholars deadline?

The next Civic Scholars deadline will be in mid-February, 2021. This will be for the Autumn 2021 class.

Chat Participant: 2.5 years is the average timeline for program completion. Is it possible to complete the program in 2 years?

Yes. This will require a more accelerated pace in terms of completing courses, but it is definitely possible.

Chat Participant: What are some of the pitfalls you see applicants fall into during their essays?

Will see essays that will come off as general, not consistent, and vague. For any successful candidate, we will require clear, consistent, and authentic essays

Chat Participant: If you apply for the Full Time MBA program, are you automatically considered for Evening and/or Weekend programs?

No, each program has a separate application process.

Chat Participant: Do professional designations such as CFA, CFP, CPA etc. help boost a prospective students overall application?

Absolutely, these designations can positively impact applications both academically and professionally.

Chat Participant: What if the institution/company email of my recommender can't receive the link sent by Booth email (likely blocked)? Is there any alternative?

If this is the case, please let us know via eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. We can try to send an administrative reminder. If that is not successful. Please have your recommender email us their recommendation letters directly as an attachment.

Chat Participant: In terms of scholarship deadlines, are those open year-round? And how soon should we be looking into scholarship opportunities during the application/enrollment process?

Merit scholarships are available for all times of the year. We typically make scholarship decisions soon after the time the candidate is admitted to the program.

Chat Participant: For letters of recommendation, do you recommend one professional and one from our earlier educational experience or can both be professional?!

We typically see both letters of recommendation coming from professional contexts. However, we a very flexible with the second letter as long as the first one is professional in nature.

Chat Participant: I know this was briefly touched on but as an alternative to the formal resume review submission can we reach out directly to one of you for this? And if so what is the best way to reach out?

Yes, feel free to email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and a member of our team will follow up with you to review your resume.

Chat Participant: Can I apply to both the Evening and Weekend programs? My company is considering approving my transfer to Chicago only after I receive an acceptance, and if it's approved, I would prefer to join the evening program. Thank you!

You are only allowed to apply to one program at a time. You can apply for a one-time transfer between the Evening and Weekend programs as a student once you complete 2 quarters in your original program.

Chat Participant: When it comes to recommendations, what do you recommend for the first letter if we're self-employed?

We also accept former supervisors, clients, and colleagues from candidates who are self-employed.

Chat Participant: I am interested in applying for the fall quarter, however, I will be out of town during LAUNCH in September 2020. Can I complete LAUNCH at a different date such as the following quarter?

While we strongly encourage and expect all incoming students to participate in LAUNCH prior to their first quarter in the program, we allow students to defer their LAUNCH experience to the next quarter if there is an unavoidable conflict.

Chat Participant: Could you share more Info about the CBF program? Is the interview required for this program? Will it also be conducted remotely?

The CBF (Chicago Business Fellows) program is a subsection of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. It is designed for individuals with three years or less of full-time work experience. The only difference in the experience is that you will be able to participate in optional programming that focuses on networking and professional development. Please refer to early career candidates page on our website to learn more about next steps to apply and interview.

Chat Participant: Could you please talk briefly about after admission? How many days do we have to make decisions?

Enrollment decision timelines will vary, typically anywhere between 2-4 weeks. You will work directly with a member of the admissions team to talk through your decision-making process, timeline, and other topics.

Chat Participant: What type of professional factors do you look at when considering scholarships?

We look for standout candidates both academically and professionally. On the professional side, we evaluate your career progression and potential through your resume, goals, and letters of recommendation.

Chat Participant: Is there a cutoff GMAT score to be met for the merit based scholarship?

We do not have a cutoff GMAT or GRE score for merit based scholarships.

Chat Participant: Could you explain what an unofficial score is? I’m not familiar with the term. Thank you!

An unofficial score is what you will receive as soon as you complete the GMAT or GRE. In order to submit your application, you just need to type in your unofficial, self-reported scores. We only verify the official score after candidates are admitted.

Chat Participant: Is there an MPCS overlap program of any type (open classes) for evening MBA candidates?

Yes, the is an MBA/MPCS joint degree program available for Evening MBA candidates. You can learn more about the program here.

Chat Participant: I am working in the US on an H1B visa. What visa do I require to attend the weekend program?

International students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program will need to maintain their H1B visa status in order to apply to and remain in the program. Student visas are not available in the part-time programs.

Chat Participant: Is it disadvantageous to submit application the week of the deadline? Are there advantages to submitting your application early

We operate on rolling admissions, so candidates can submit any open application at any time. Our typical decision timeline is 4-6 weeks from when you submitted your application. There is no advantage or disadvantage to applying early.

Chat Participant: How many classes do you take when you are attending the evening program?

20 classes, which is the same across the Full-Time, Evening, and Weekend MBA programs.