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Consider where you are now in your career and how building a robust network filled with your peers across different industries will accelerate your ability to meet future career goals. Now envision what that might look like at a global institution like Chicago Booth. Life-changing opportunities are endless as a Boothie, and our Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) Program is specifically designed to enhance the MBA experience of individuals with three years or less of full-time work experience. If you are someone who is interested in earning an MBA while continuing to work full-time, we encourage you to learn more about CBF and all that this program has to offer.

Here’s what you need to know about the Chicago Business Fellows Program:


How does the Chicago Business Fellows Program work?

The Chicago Business Fellows Program is designed for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students with three years or less of full-time work experience upon starting the MBA program. CBF students are still classified as Evening MBA or Weekend MBA students, meaning they have access to all of the same courses, networks, and resources as the general Evening MBA and Weekend MBA populations. In addition, each quarter there will be one educational and one social program available exclusively for CBF. These programs are optional and typically center around themes of professional development and networking skills.

How can people apply?
One can apply for the CBF Program within any Evening MBA or Weekend MBA application. After starting an application, navigate to the “Booth and You” tab and indicate your eligibility and interest in applying for the CBF Program. Selecting this prompt will waive the $175 application fee upon submission. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs operate on a rolling admissions process. Admission decisions are typically shared four to six weeks after the completed application is submitted. The only step needed after submission is the admissions interview, which is by invitation only. 

What questions are unique to the CBF application?
Outside of indicating your interest in applying for CBF in the “Booth and You” tab of the application, nothing else is required outside of the general Evening MBA and Weekend MBA application requirements.

What does Chicago Booth look for in CBF candidates?
Chicago Booth looks for CBF candidates who demonstrate high levels of achievement, both academically and professionally. Pursuing an MBA at Booth while working full-time is a significant challenge. Chicago Booth expects CBF candidates to demonstrate their ability to balance these commitments and justify why now is the right time for them to join the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program as an early career candidate.


Are students within the CBF Program put into their own cohort?

CBF students could develop close bonds with other CBF students in their first quarter during LAUNCH. Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students can individually choose what courses they take and how many they take in any quarter. While this deviates from a traditional cohort model, it gives students maximum flexibility to navigate the curriculum while working full-time. However, with the consistency of quarterly programming, Chicago Business Fellows have many opportunities to connect with one another.


What are some of the benefits associated with the CBF Program?
CBF is commonly defined as a “community within a community.” Incoming CBF students are immediately identified and connected with one another upon start of the program, giving them a strong, foundational network of peers with a similar amount of work experience across various industries. The optional programs each quarter provide CBF students with opportunities to develop and/or refine professional development skills as well as get to know more students outside of the classroom setting.


Is it possible for Chicago Booth to admit a candidate to the general Part-Time MBA Program even if they applied as a CBF applicant?
Chicago Booth implements the same admissions standards as it does for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. There are some instances when an applicant who has just over three years of full-time work experience applies for CBF – instances like this are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions can be made for those who may have a non-traditional career path or are just over three years of experience and would greatly benefit from CBF. It is possible for Chicago Booth to admit a candidate to the general Evening MBA or Weekend MBA while informing them they will not be eligible for CBF.


We hope that providing answers to these questions gives you a clear understanding of what the Chicago Business Fellows Program has to offer and how to apply. If you have any questions as you learn more about CBF and the application process, reach out to the Part-Time Admissions Team at