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Gil Jimenez

I was born in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, but grew up on the Southwest Side of Chicago. I have a non-traditional background, having attended the University of Illinois at Chicago to get a BFA in Graphic Design. After graduating, I worked in the public sector for 10 years, eventually becoming Chief Information Officer for the Illinois Department of Labor. There, I drove a digital transformation for the agency to reduce the time constituents had to wait for government services. Following that I worked at Adobe as a consultant for global multinational companies in countries like Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Canada.

When I realized I had found a passion for working with international companies to help build and optimize their digital products, I decided to apply to graduate school to round out my financial skills with the goal of ultimately becoming a marketing leader at a company with a global footprint.

Gil Jimenez

Why did you choose Chicago Booth?

I attended various admissions events, including some sponsored by the Kilts Center. I learned that marketing had to be rooted in economic fundamentals and the financial rigor Chicago Booth offers was exactly what I was looking for.

How are you involved at Chicago Booth outside of the classroom?

I have been a proud Chicago Booth Admissions Committee member since 2021. I have also joined many clubs, including the Booth Marketing Club, Coalition of Minorities in Business, Booth Product Management Club, Built@Booth: Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, and Behavioral Science Club. I also bring my wife and kids to the family events hosted by the school, like the Booth Family Picnic.

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 “My experience at Booth thus far has been robust. Looking forward to continuing to learn and grow with my community of Boothies."


— Gil Jimenez

What makes Chicago a great place to be during National Hispanic Heritage Month?

Having grown up here, I have seen firsthand how Chicago is a world-class destination for people worldwide, including the Latinx diaspora. This city is rich in diverse cultural events, cuisines, and neighborhoods. In September through October, when countries like Mexico, Chile, and Guatemala celebrate their independence, people can experience what makes our cultures so diverse and unique.

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Fun Fact About Gil:

Gil has three children and enjoys spending time with them, whether it’s coaching their soccer team or taking them to museums, he values having family time.

Fun Fact About Gil:

Explore all of the ways Chicago Booth values diversity and discover how our appreciation of multiple perspectives creates an open environment that supports the passions and successes of the Booth community.