Coronavirus Updates

When Kate Nimmo, ’20, first stepped foot into professor Greg Bunch’s New Venture Strategy class last year and he greeted every student by name on day one, she knew she had found a unique classroom experience, brimming with individual attention. In a recent post on the student-run blog The Booth Experience, Nimmo reflects on her gratitude for her time at Booth, and how faculty stayed closely connected with students even as learning moved online during the Spring Quarter.

“Throughout the quarter, Professor Bunch would stay on Zoom during class breaks, forgoing what I am sure would be a welcome few minutes of down time to chat with students, check in, and build rapport with them. He would also shoot texts to us TAs, as well as occasionally call. He wanted to know how we were doing, how our families were doing. Were people safe and healthy? Were we stressed and anxious? How could he help?

“On one such check-in call the final week of class, Professor Bunch asked me how he could continue to support me after I graduated. He wanted to know what he could do to help me professionally, as well as to let me know that I should always consider him a resource and someone who would make time for me, regardless of the circumstance."

Read the full article to learn how New Venture Strategy gave Nimmo "an entirely new way of thinking and problem-solving," she says, and how she stayed connected with classmates virtually. And don't miss The Booth Experience blog for more inside perspectives from Booth students »