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Chat Panelists

Allie Lei

Current Booth Student

Allie Lei is currently a full time MBA first year student at Booth. Prior to Booth, she graduated from Tufts University in 2014 with a double major in quantitative economics and international relations. She spent the last 4 years working in San Francisco, joining economic consulting for two years and leading the turnaround revenue strategy for the Twitter's US market in the last two years. Having an extensive Tech experience in Silicon Valley, she was also the co-founder for an AI startup and most recently, a PM intern for JD Finance's facial recognition payment technology. This summer, she is interning in consulting hoping to do more Tech/Digital related work.

Neil Sethi

Current Booth Student

Neil is a second-year MBA student at Booth. Prior to Booth, Neil was a restructuring banker at Citigroup in New York City, working for 7 years on institutional bankruptcy across the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. In addition, Neil founded a legal technology platform with 2 co-founders that connects independent attorneys to start-ups and small businesses. Neil was also one of the 4 leads for the 2018 Tech Trek that visited 15 technology companies in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area. At Booth, Neil serves as the co-chair for the Booth Technology Group, and is also involved with the Booth Analytics Club and the Booth Outdoor Leadership Development Group (BOLD).

Carolyn Chen

Current Booth Student

Carolyn is a first-year at Booth, concentrating in Entrepreneurship and Marketing Management, and is an incoming Co-Chair of the Booth Technology Group. She completed her undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania where she studied Health Policy, with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Prior to Booth, she worked as a life-sciences consultant at IQVIA, in both its NYC and Shanghai offices. She came to Booth with the intention of switching into the tech industry and will be working as a Product Marketing intern at Facebook this summer.

Jorge Pelaez

Current Booth Student

Jorge studied Economics at Dartmouth College. Before Booth he worked at a software-as-a-service start-up focused on eCommerce analytics. He came to Booth to build analytical, strategic, and management skills for a career in tech. During the summer, he will be working at Amazon as an intern in the Retail Leadership Development Program.

Tatsuro Hanada

Current Student

Tatsuro is a second-year student at the joint degree program of MBA and Master’s in Computer Science at Booth. Prior to Booth, he was working in a securities company where he joined a corporate accelerator program to explore new businesses through FinTech. At Booth, he got involved in various real-world projects related to recent technologies such as Machine Learning, Blockchain and Digital Marketing. He serves as a co-chair of Booth FinTech club.