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Selected Papers Series

The Selected Papers series is published in grateful recognition of those alumni and friends who support the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The long-running series features current, notable research of note by Chicago faculty.

In March 2004, the Selected Papers series was combined with Capital Ideas, a publication that features topical research in a chosen business discipline. Please see the Capital Ideas website for the latest issues.

Note: papers are posted here in .pdf format. To view and print them, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

86 "Are CEOs Rewarded for Luck? The Ones without Principals Are" by Marianne Bertrand

85 "Home Bias at Home: Local Equity Preference in Domestic Portfolios" by Tobias Moscowitz and Joshua D. Coval

84 "Value Investing: The Use of Historical Financial Statement Information to Separate Winners from Losers" by Joseph D. Piotroski

83 "Syndication Networks and the Spatial Distribution of Venture Capital Investments" by Olav Sorenson and Toby E. Stuart

82 "Can Advertising Copy Make FSI Coupons More Effective?" by France Leclerc and John D.C. Little

81 "Interest Group Competition and the Organization of Congress" by Randall S. Kroszner and Thomas Stratmann

80 "The Gender of Social Capital" by Ronald Burt

79 "What Happens When You Tax the Rich?" by Austan Goolsbee

78 "Why Store Brand Penetration Varies by Retailer" by Sanjay K. Dhar and Stephen J. Hoch

77 "Risk Taking by Mutual Funds as a Response to Incentives" by Judith Chevalier and Glen Ellison

76 "New Findings About Trends in Life Expectation and Chronic Diseases: The Implications for Health costs and Pensions" by Robert W. Fogel

75 "Do We Really Need More Regulation of Financial Derivatives?" by Merton H. Miller

74 "Doing Business in the Global Economy: Keynote Address at the 1993 Management Conference " by Livio D. DeSimone

73 "Using Personal Checklists to Facilitate Total Quality Management" by Harry V. Roberts

72 "Rethinking Management Education: A View from Chicago" by Harry L. Davis and Robin M. Hogarth

71 "The Quality Revolution and the Business School Response" by Harry V. Roberts

70 "Freedom and Leadership: Keynote Address at the 1990 Management Conference" by William Simon

69 "The Marketing Information Revolution: 1989 Towers/Cresap Lecture" by Robert C. Blattberg

68 "Enhancing Productivity through Compensation: 1988 Towers / Cresap Lecture" by Edward P. Lazear

67 "A Most Unusual Period in the Financial Services Industry: 1987 Towers Cresap Lecture" by James H. Lorie

66 "Rules of the Game Inside the Corporate Boardroom" by Thomas L. Whisler

65 "Quality and Productivity: Implications for Management" by Harry V. Roberts

64 "Pride and Prejudice: 1986 Towers/Cresap Lecture" by John E. Jeuck

63 "Financial Innovation: The Last Twenty Years and the Next" by Merton H. Miller

62 "Backward and Forward Thinking in Decision Making" by

61 "Deregulation: The Expected and the Unexpected" by Sam Peltzman

60 "Will the Dow Jones Get to 2,000 Before Gold gets to $1,000?" by Robert Z. Aliber

59 "Business Education in the United States" by Richard N. Rosett

58 "American Capitalism at High Noon" by George J. Stigler

57 "Do Dividends Really Matter?" by Merton H. Miller

56 "The Disciplining of Corporate Managers" by Eugene F. Fama

55 "Can Economics Contribute to Marketing Research?" by Henri Theill

54 "Capitalism: Two Aspects" by Henry Ford II

53 "Good General Managers are not Professional" by H. Edward Wrapp

52 "Statisticians Can Matter" by Harry V. Roberts

51 "The World Food Situation: Recent Developments and Prospects" by D. Gale Johnson

50 "The Adam Smith Papers"

50a "Adam Smith’s View of Man" by R.H Coase

50b "Adam Smith’s Relevance for 1976" by Milton Friedman

50c "The Successes and Failures of Professor Smith" by George J. Stigler

49 "The New International Economic Order" by Harry G. Johnson

48c "National Economic Policy in the 1970’s" by John P. Gould

47 "Liberty, Leadership, and License" by Walter B. Wriston

46c "Signals and Confirmations of Economic Change" by Victor Zarnowitz

45 "Free Markets for Free Men" by Milton Friedman

44 "Some Constitutional Aspects of Watergate" by Philip B. Kurland

43 "The New Federalism at Work" by Donald T. Regan

42 "Health Services in the USSR" by Odin Anderson

4 "Promise and Performance in Economic Forecasting" by Victor Zarnowitz

40 "Management and the Stabilization Program" by Arnold R. Weber

39 "Modern Man and His Corporation" by George J. Stigler

38 "Executive Stress" by Dr. Robert S. Daniels

37 "The Businessman’s Guide to Crime Control" by Norval R. Morris

36 "The Economics of Pollution" by Charles Upton

35 "The Care and Feeding of Econometric Models" by Arnold Zellner

34 "The Euro-Dollar Market: Some First Principles" by Milton Friedman

33 "Some Reflections on the Securities Markets" by Marshall D. Ketchum

32 "Competition, Efficiency, and Antitrust" by Yale Brozen

31 "The American Presence in Europe" by Jacques Dreze

30 "Race and Unemployment: Some Issues and Ideas" by George P. Shultz

29 "Are People Really Important in Business" by L. Richard Hoffman

28 "The Long View and the Short" by Walter Fackler

27 "Government and Advertising: The Heavy Hand of Benevolence" by James H. Lorie

26 "Good Managers Don’t Make Policy Decisions" by H. Edward Wrapp

25 "The New Economics: Stabilizing Tax Policy" by Norman B. Ture

24 "The Meaning of Business Income: An International Comparison" by Sidney Davidson

23 "Mathematical Models for Financial Management" by Merton H. Miller and Daniel Orr

22 "Guidelines, Informal Controls, and the Market Place" by George P. Shultz and Robert Z. Aliber

21 "Labor Lessons: Notes from Europe" by Arnold R. Weber

20 "Current Controversies on the Stock Market" by James H. Lorie

19 "Marketing Policy: Another View of the Forest" by John E. Jeuck

18 "Automation and Jobs" by Yale Brozen

17 "America in the World Economy-The Decade Ahead" by Harry G. Johnson

16 Random Walks in Stock Market Prices" by Eugene F. Fama

15 "Forecasting Business Conditions: A Critical View" by Victor Zarnowitz

14 "The Innovative Organization" by Selwyn W. Becker

13 "The Tactics of Economic Reform" by George J. Stigler

12 "Federal Spending as an Economic Stabilizer" by Walter Fackler

11 "Education-Some Neglected Opportunities" by Theodore O. Yntema

10 "The Creative Organization" by Gary A. Steiner

9 "Executives and Their Jobs: The Changing Organizational Structure" by Thomas L. Whisler

8 "Strikes: the Private Stake and the Public Interest" by George Shultz

7 "The Proper Economic Role of the State" by George J. Stigler and Paul A. Samuelson

6 "The Two Faces of the Common Market" by Arthur A. Shenfield

5 "Executive Behavior" by Dr. C. Knight Aldrich, with an introduction by John E. Jeuck

4 "Retraining the Unemployed" by Arnold R. Weber

3 "The Intellectual and the Market Place" by George J. Stigler

2 "The Meaning of Depreciation" by Sidney Davidson

1 "Productivity, Wages, and Prices" by Albert Rees