Faculty & Research

Amoray Riggs-Cragun

Amoray Riggs-Cragun

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Amoray Riggs-Cragun studies how accounting affects economic activity. For example, her dissertation shows how fundamental properties of revenue and expense accounts influence optimal compensation contracts, production and organizational design. Her other research interests include strategic aggregation of accounting information, CEO ability and dynamic accounting-based compensation contracts.

Riggs-Cragun earned a PhD in accounting from Rice University. Additionally, she holds a MAcc in taxation from Brigham Young University. From Utah Valley University, she earned BS degrees in both accounting and banking/finance, as well as an AS in journalism. Prior to her graduate studies, Riggs-Cragun worked as a Certified Public Accountant at EY.

Riggs-Cragun enjoys reading, playing ultimate frisbee, and spending time with her husband and daughter.