Pedro de Andrade Faria, ’02

Young Alumni Award - 2017

Gloabl Chief Executive Officer


Leading with a Global Perspective

As global CEO of BRF, Pedro de Andrade Faria, ’02, helms one of the world’s largest food companies, with revenues in the billions and more than 110,000 employees. Faria’s Booth education provided him with the skills to lead in such a demanding role.

“I remember vividly going through LEAD, and they said my leadership style would have to evolve as I went further in my career,” Faria says. “I believe that today the biggest asset that I have, and Chicago Booth gave me this, is the opportunity to be a people leader—an inspirational character, rather than just a person who has all the answers to a problem.”

At a time when globalization is top of mind for many, Faria has continued his company’s trajectory toward expanding in the global marketplace. After joining the Brazil-based corporation in 2013 and becoming CEO two years later, Faria saw BRF record revenues of $10 billion in 2015, with more than 50 percent of those revenues coming from outside of the country.

“Previous to Booth, I had no experience outside of Brazil,” Faria says. “I felt ambitious, and very curious. Spending time in Chicago, I had the opportunity to meet brilliant people from all over the world, and this really helped me gain a global perspective.”

Giving Back to Booth

Prior to joining BRF, Faria worked as a member of the board of directors and director of investor relations at Tarpon Investimentos S.A. He had previously served as executive partner at Patria Investments, responsible for monitoring the private equity portfolio. He has also worked at Chase Manhattan Bank and Banco Patrimonio/Salomon Brothers. “Fifteen years after I graduated from Booth, I could never expect to be in the position I am today,” Faria says.

Those close to Faria say that he is deserving of the Young Alumni Award not only because of his personal and professional success, but also because of his commitment to Booth. Faria played a pivotal role in organizing Booth’s Nelson Germanos Fellowship, awarded to students, especially those from Brazil, who have demonstrated a multinational, multicultural life focus and an interest in sharing knowledge generously, as well as high ethical standards.

“He is an inspiration to our students, and he has given his time to help us fund-raise and to build the Booth brand,” says Stacey Kole, PhD ’92 (Economics), deputy dean for alumni, corporate relations, and the Full-Time MBA Program and clinical professor of economics. “We need our alums to be proud of their Booth affiliation—to tell the world that part of what they’ve done is because of Booth. Pedro does that, and he does it with pride and enthusiasm.”

Building a Future with Purpose

Indeed, the opportunity to help future generations define and pursue their dreams is something Faria values highly, both in his time with helping to raise funds for Booth and in his work as global CEO of BRF. “I am blessed to have the opportunity to meet the brightest people from all over the world, young people full of aspiration, full of dreams,” Faria says. “I look for people in search not for a job, but for a purpose, a reason to be connected, a reason to belong to a cause. This to me is the most important element.”